1. Minox BD 10×25 BR Binocular 2. Bushnell Marine 7×50 Waterproof Binocular 3. Celestron 71422 Cavalry 7×50 GPS Binocular
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If you hate adjusting the focus whenever you switch the magnification of your binoculars, then getting a pair of the best auto focus binoculars is a great choice. As this type of binocular will allow you to get high-quality definition without having to focus, it will give you an easier time as you won’t have to change the focus yourself. Although some may think that this is mechanically done, it is accomplished by the binoculars coming pre-focused. These binoculars come in one fixed magnification and will stay focused at that magnification with the only adjustment done with the eye relief.

Best Auto Focus Binoculars

As auto focus binoculars are a bit easier to produce due to there being one magnification, they are usually a bit cheaper than other types of binoculars. However, it may still be hard for you to choose the right one, so we recommend that you look at the features, quality, and price that the binoculars come with so that you will have a better experience with your binoculars. By doing this, you will be able to get a better value binocular which is essential if you want to get the most out of your money. Whether you are bird watching or touring, a binocular will further your experience, so we highly recommend that you invest in a pair of auto focus binoculars today.

What to Look For in Auto Focus Binoculars


This type of binocular usually comes with a limited set of features because of how there is only one magnification. However, there are still a few features that we recommend that you look out for so that you have the best experience possible while getting the most out of your investment. One feature that we highly recommend are multi-coated optics as well as prisms because they will help your view be a lot sharper and clearer. This feature will allow you to see your target better in the dark as well because the optics will try and gather all the light around you and transmit it inside your binoculars so that your view will stay clear in dim lighting. Another feature that we recommend is the waterproof feature as it will help save your binoculars if you accidentally drop it in a wet environment. Lastly, we highly recommend that you get a binocular with a wide FOV as it will make you feel less restricted and allow you to find your target a lot easier


If you want your binoculars lasting as long as possible, then looking out for the quality of the binoculars is important. Depending on the quality, the binoculars will last a different amount of time, so if you want your binoculars lasting a long time, then getting one with good quality is an important factor alongside taking care of your binoculars well. Another reason quality is something to look out for is because having better quality will make the features that come with your binoculars perform a lot better. If you get the waterproof or multi-coated optics feature on your binocular but the quality doesn’t follow, then don’t expect the features to perform as expected consistently. 


The price of the binoculars will heavily influence the features and the quality the binoculars will come in. The more you invest upfront, the better the features and quality you will get, so if you are looking towards the long-term value, then we highly recommend that you invest into a better binocular from the beginning. However, if you are more restricted and on a budget, then you will have to spend more over time because you will have to replace the binoculars a lot more often with a budget binocular compared to a quality one. If you can, go for a quality binocular from the beginning, but if you can’t, then we suggest that you go for a few cheap ones until you can afford to get a good one.

Top 3 Best Auto Focus Binoculars 2020:

1. Minox BD 10×25 BR Binocular

If you are someone who loves what a binocular can do for you regardless of the price, then we recommend that you look at this product. Although the price is on the premium side of the price range, this binocular comes with a lot of features and quality that you cannot see in this price range in other binoculars. If quality and value is more important to you than the price, then we recommend that you look closer because you will soon realize the potential that this binocular has for the long term and how well it will assist you on your trips.

A feature that we liked about this binocular was the antireflection coating because, without it, all the lighting would go inside the binocular and affect your experience. However, with the antireflection coating, you won’t face this issue but only see everything in high definition without obstruction. Another feature that we liked was the wide FOV because this binocular will allow you to see up to 430 feet when you are at 1,000 meters. This is an extremely wide view compared to other products and we highly recommend this wide FOV if you are going to be bird watching, whale watching, or going to the safari, as you will be able to find everything and see everything a lot faster and easier. Lastly, the roof prisms of the BK-7 glass was something that stood out to us because it helped greatly with increasing the depth and color contrast of everything which results in a better image overall.

The quality of this binocular is unmatched because of how much the brand invested into making sure that the quality stays and remains top notch. The paint job on the binocular is well-done and will give off the impression of a quality binocular when you are using it. Also, the parts are also made using materials that will last a long time, so if you are looking for durability, you’ll be able to find that on this product. Quality isn’t an issue with this product, so don’t worry about it if that’s one thing that is holding you back with purchasing this binocular.

The price of this binocular is one thing that isn’t that great about this product. As it is high priced, it may be very hard for you to afford it. However, it is a product that is of great quality and comes with awesome features, so we recommend it if you can get it. If your budget isn’t high enough to be able to get this binocular, then we recommend that you read on, as we have a product that is meant more towards those looking for a budget, auto focus binocular.

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2. Bushnell Marine 7×50 Waterproof Binocular

More average priced and affordable compared to the product above, you will be able to get a great viewing experience with this binocular. Although affordable, the amount of clarity and quality you can get on this binocular is incomparable to other binoculars in this price range. If you are looking to save some money while getting a lot of value out of your purchase at the same time, then we recommend that you consider this binocular.

As this binocular comes with a lot of great features, we have highlighted a few that we decided to review. One feature that we will be highlighting is the BaK-4 prisms and the multi-coated optics because if there is one thing that should be mandatory in a binocular, it is the viewing experience and with this feature, you will get a great viewing experience. Another feature that we have selected to highlight was the waterproof feature because it will save you from having to purchase another one if you accidently drop it in a wet location while traveling or viewing. Lastly, we recommend this product because of the objective configuration feature as it will let you adjust the eye relief to fit your relief distance and give you a more comfortable time while using the binoculars.

The quality of this binocular isn’t as great as the product above, but it is still great considering other products in this price range. First, the quality of the optics is outstanding and makes up most of what this binocular is about. The quality of the optics help generates a clearer view and will help provide this view for a long time because of the durable materials that was used to build the optics. The binoculars overall are also made with durability in mind alongside the beautiful design, so if you care about the design, then this binocular is the one for you. This binocular will last you a long time if you can take care of the binocular carefully and if you don’t drop it often, as the different parts are made to last and this binocular can survive a few drops with ease.

The price of this binocular is a big advantage to using this binocular because you get to have all the features and quality that would come with a much expensive product at a more affordable price point. Saving money is great for everybody and you will be able to save a lot of money with this product. You will get great value with this binocular as well, as you will be able to use this product for a long time with great features and magnification while only investing a small amount upfront compared to other options available. Overall, we highly recommend that you get this binocular if you can get it because you can get great value out of this purchase and you will also be able to experience the quality optics that these binocular boasts.

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3. Celestron 71422 Cavalry 7×50 GPS Binocular

Although a bit of a premium binocular, this product is highly recommended for those needing a lot of features in one place. As the Celestron Cavalry comes with several tools such as GPS, Compass, and Date through a LCD, you will be able to use this info to help you on your trip. If you are ever stuck in the woods without any direction sense, you can take out this binocular to help you save yourself and find the way back to home base. There are a lot of uses for this binocular because of all the tools that come with this binocular as well as because of the reticle that comes included, so we recommend it if you can need all these features.

One feature that we liked about this product were the BaK-4 prisms and the multi-coated optics because they will help you greatly with seeing your target. As this binocular is more geared towards those adventuring through the woods or mountains, you sometimes might not have enough light around you to get a clear view. However, with this binocular, you will be able to get a clear view with just a bit of light because of the multi-coated optics and the prisms that this binocular comes with. Also, you will get access to the different integrated features that you will be able to use on the LCD. This will help you get a sense of direction and guide you towards the right way. Lastly, this binocular comes with an integrated reticle which is essential if you want to capture your prey a lot easier. By you being able to calculate the distance between you and the prey, you will have the upper hand in capturing your target.

The quality of this binocular is great, mainly due to the durability of this product. As this binocular is meant for multi-terrain use, it is built like a tank and will last through many drops without causing a dent or a scratch to the binoculars because of the rubber armoring that comes around the binoculars. The LCD is also made of decent quality as well, so you can expect that feature to work well for a long time. The binoculars can also last through water and fog, making this binocular a good one to use if you want to use it for a long time in different environments.

The price of this product is a bit on the expensive side, but we highly recommend that you get it if you are looking forward to a binocular that can be handled roughly but will still handle it just fine. Overall, this product is great if you are going to actively use the features that come with the LCD and if you can afford the price of the binoculars, as it is a bit steep but comes with quality features and build.

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Whether you are biking, bird watching, touring, or even hunting, a binocular with an autofocus feature will make your life much easier. By reading our reviews of a few products above, we hope that you gained an understanding of what to look for in a quality binocular. If you are having trouble picking from a few different selections you are interested in, then choose one from the ones we recommended above, as those are the ones we believe are the best for everyone.