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1. Bushnell Powerview Compact Folding Roof Prism Binocular 2. Merytes 10×25 Portable High Definition and Blue Film Binoculars 3. USCAMEL Folding Pocket Binoculars
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If you want to get the best experience possible at a concert, you have to be near the front. However, the cost of tickets for front seats are usually very expensive and are often hard to get due to the high interest in those seats. Luckily, there is a solution to this and that is to use binoculars. Whether you are far in the back or around the middle, with binoculars, you’ll be able to experience the concert as if you were seating in the front row!

Best Binoculars for Concerts

It is hard to find the right binoculars as there are so many things to look out for, such as the price, features, quality, and magnification of the binoculars, which is why we’ve compiled a list of the best binoculars for concerts so that you can find the right pick for you. If you want to know more about what to look for when buying binoculars, please have a look at our general binocular buying guide. If you just want to know the best concert binoculars or the best sports binoculars, don’t wait, just jump right into the reviews!

Our Top 5 Best Concert Binoculars 2020:

1. Bushnell Powerview Compact Folding Roof Prism Binocular

If you are going to go out to concerts often, you’ll need a quality pair of binoculars that you know you can trust. The Bushnell Powerview Binoculars are the perfect fit for this occasion, as you will be able to experience the true meaning of lightweight binoculars. When you are at a concert, or at the sports arena, you don’t want a big, bulky binocular, as it will be hard to carry around and will also be hard to use around a lot of people. With the use of these binoculars, however, you will get a pair of 7-ounce binoculars, perfect for use at concerts.

Some features that you should take interest in about this product are the multi-coated optics, FOV, and the rubber coating. The multi-coated optics are great because they help you see your target, even in low lighting. And as concerts are usually held in dim environments which may make vision difficult through lenses, however, this isn’t the case with the optics that come with this pair. The FOV is something else, as you will be able to have an astounding 378 feet FOV at 1000-yards, which is a lot wider than other products. Lastly, the rubber coating will help protect your binoculars from scratches, dents, and drops, as accidents may happen a lot during a concert since everyone is moving and hyped up.

The price of this product isn’t in the expensive range, but can be above what you usually pay for your cheap binoculars. This is because this product is meant to last a long time and stay with you until it eventually breaks down, which may be several years away. If you want to make the most out of the amount you spend, you should invest a bit more upfront to save more in the long run, as you will most likely never replace these binoculars due to its high-quality design. We highly recommend that you get this product if you are looking for a pair of binoculars that is compact, lightweight, and durable, along with features such as multi-coated optics and wide FOV that make your experience at the concert even better. This is an easy pick in the list of the best binoculars for sports.

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2. Merytes 10×25 Portable High Definition and Blue Film Binoculars

Suitable for anyone, even for children, these binoculars will make you feel like you are sitting in person right in front of the stage! This is made possible because of the special optical lenses that come with this product, along with the lightweight design that will make you feel almost like you aren’t using the binoculars at all. You also won’t have to worry about cracking or breaking the binoculars if you happen to drop it, as it is made from durable materials and is made to be sturdy and last a long time.

The feature that you should look out for in this product is the special optical lens, as that is what makes up most of this binocular’s experience. The optical lens is made from FMC blue film, which helps see your target in a sharper resolution, even in dark environments. Many people take cheap, one-use binoculars to indoor concerts and end up not being able to use them at all because the cheap binoculars can’t be used without sufficient light, but with this product, you’ll be able to see everything as if you were outside because of the FMC blue film. Another feature that you should look out for is the magnification, as this product offers x10 while other products in this price range only offer x8 or less. This will let you sit farther away, but have the same experience as those sitting a lot closer.

This product is very light, with its weight being only 7-ounces. Alongside the lightweight design, the binocular itself is small which makes it easier to carry around and even be used by children. Not only are you limited to using this product at concerts, but you can also use it at sports arenas, theaters, and even on your next tour as well! The price of this product is affordable, so we highly recommend that you take it to your next concert so that you can get the full experience of the next concert as if you were seated in the front row, but a lot more affordable than buying front row tickets.

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3. USCAMEL Folding Pocket Binoculars

With one of the smallest, lightweight binoculars available, you’ll have a blast using these at a concert due to its high magnification at a compact size. With the ability to adjust the shape to fit the activity you are participating in, you’ll be able to use these binoculars while you are hunting, touring, spectating a sports game, and of course, for concerts (that’s what you’re here for). You’ll also get access to the binocular’s optics when you decide to choose this product, as this binocular has a quality that is up to par with high-end products when it comes to optics.

One feature that we loved the most was the size and weight of this product. At only 9 ounces, you’ll feel like you aren’t using the binoculars at all. When not using the binoculars, you can simply fold the binoculars towards the middle and it’ll fold itself into a small structure that you can easily fit in your pocket for later use. Although this product is small, it still packs a punch with its x8 magnification. This will allow you to see the full concert from far away.

The price of this product isn’t as affordable as the other best binoculars on this list, but that’s mostly because of the high-quality optics that is featured on this product as well as the compact size. You’ll need to increase your budget a bit to be able to get this product for your next concert, but it’ll be worth it, as you’ll struggle less with a bulky binocular once you get this product.

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4. Kylietech 12×42 Binoculars

With a magnification level up to 12x and an objective lens diameter of 42 mm, this product by Kylietech will certainly prove to be the best concert binoculars, providing its users unbelievable clarity and high definition view of concerts and operas.

The reason behind the product’s delivery of HD view is that it utilizes extra-low dispersion (ED) glasses, which reduces any sort of light dispersion caused due to the lighting conditions, hence giving the users an eye relieving view.

Another feature which distinguishes it from other products in its field of view of 330 feet per 1000 yards. With such a large field of view, the product also finds applications in a variety of other areas, like hiking, driving, nature observation, mountaineering, watching sports activities on the ground etc. That way, you don’t need to buy different binoculars for different products!

When it comes to flexibility of the eyepieces according to the need of users, this product again steals the show. Having the feature to twist the eyecups vertically in both the directions allows the users to adjust the binoculars so as to get a comfortable view of the concert, and the best part is it does not matter much if you view through the binoculars with or without your eyeglasses! The users can easily remove the eyecups in case they are wearing eyeglasses, and then observe the happenings on the stage through their binoculars with the same clarity as before.

If you wish to take photographs or record videos of the concert, even then this product by Kylietech proves itself as the best binoculars for concerts and theatre events. On the internet, the product can be purchased along with a small tripod stand, using which you can fix your binoculars and your smartphone to record videos and take photos on your phone.

Talking about the strength and durability of the product, these binoculars use silica gel along with rubber and metallic body, something which improves the physical strength of the product and makes it resistant to any sort of damages and shocks. The product is also protected against water, fog, moisture and other rough weather and temperature conditions, which greatly increases the durability and life of the product.

Other additional features of this product include a coating of an 18 mm blue film on the eyepiece, which gives the users a relaxed view of the concert. Also, the BAK-4 prism used along with FMC optical coating technology helps in achieving sharp and clear images.

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5. SkyGenius Plus 8×21 Compact Binoculars

As the product name suggests, these binoculars by SkeGenius Plus comprise of a 21 mm diameter objective lens with magnification levels up to 8x times. Because of this, this product turns the best binoculars for concerts as well as other areas like bird watching, traveling, hiking etc.

This product provides you a much wider field of view than any other product in this price range, which is 369 feet per 1000 yards, or 112 meters per 1000 meters. Due to this reason, the users are able to get a much wider view of any concert or opera show going on, turning out to be one of the pros of this product.

The feature which lands this product in the category of best concert binoculars is its handiness and being lighter in weight. With dimensions of 4.14×3.62×2.35 inches and weight around 0.38 lbs, these binoculars by SkyGenius Plus are designed in such a manner that they can be easily folded and placed in pockets as well!

It also utilizes BK-7 roof prism along with FMC green colored multi-coated optical lenses, which aids the users in achieving a clear, sharp and vivid image. The ‘Centre-focus knob’ provided on the binocular products allows the users to focus up to the maximum ability of the binoculars easily. Because of this reason, the product is suitable even for use by kids.

Talking about the pros and cons of these binoculars, we have already mentioned the large field of view as one of the pros above. Another merit of buying this product can be the different magnification levels in which it is available in the market. Well, this product can be found with objective lens diameters of 25 mm and 42 mm as well, apart from the 21 mm product discussed.

Another advantage of this product is the availability of so many features at a very low price. Price is something which has the ability to change the opinion of customers, and in the case of this product, provision of so many features at an affordable price can certainly make it the best concert binoculars.

The only demerit of purchasing this product is that with increasing objective lens diameter, there are possibilities that the brightness of images and views observed through these binoculars may reduce. This can have an adverse effect on the performance of the product. With the smaller objective lens, there are possibilities of using it under low lighting conditions. This advantage fades away in the case of its alternative products having relatively larger objective lens.

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All the products above are fantastic and whichever one you choose, we promise that you’ll have a better time at your concert. Now, you’ll be able to choose seats that are farther away that are a lot more affordable, since you’ll have your handy binoculars inside of your pocket which you can pull out to watch your favorite band play, while not having to worry about the big payment you made to get front seats. 

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