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1. SNYPEX Profinder Binoculars 2. Carson 3D Series HD Binoculars 3. Polaris Optics Spectator Compact & Lightweight Binoculars
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Exploring the wild and viewing animals roaming out in the safari is an amazing experience. However, getting too close to the animals to get a better view is both a dangerous and banned task, which is why bringing binoculars to the safari is a smart choice. With the help of the best binoculars for safari, you’ll be able to see how the animals chew their food, see the patterns on their skin, and make you feel more engaged with the animals.

Best Binoculars for Safari

However, it may be hard to decide which binoculars to bring with you as there are so many choices and features to choose from. We recommend that you read on below to know what to look for when choosing your binoculars and what to avoid so that you can choose the right safari binoculars for you. On your next trip to the safari, you’ll be able to see the difference between not bringing a pair of binoculars and bringing one. If you haven’t used a binocular yet on a safari, then you haven’t received the full safari experience, which is why we highly recommend that you read this guide of the best safari binoculars and pick out your safari binoculars today.

What to Look For


The features that are included with your binoculars will greatly change the outcome of your safari experience. If you manage to purchase a pair of binoculars with a wide variety of features, but is very heavy, then you will have a good time while standing still, but have a horrible experience while moving around due to the weight. These are all factors that you must take into consideration when choosing your binoculars as having too many or too little features isn’t great. The best way to overcome this is to think about what features you want, such as wide FOV or a neck strap, and choose the pair of binoculars that comes with the features that you want and no more.


The quality of your binoculars determines whether you will be able to take your binoculars on more than one trip. The higher quality your binoculars are, the more likely it will be able to survive drops and protect itself from scratches. Another thing that you have to consider is whether you want a high quality binocular from the beginning that will last a long time, or whether you want a low-medium quality binocular that might break in a couple of trips and will need a replacement. Getting a high quality one from the beginning will cost a lot more upfront, but later down the road, you will be saving money since you won’t have to replace your binoculars more often.


The price of your binoculars mainly control the number of features you are getting as well as the quality you are getting. If you decide to invest a lot upfront, then you will get a pair of binoculars that has decent quality and a wide variety of features which you can use to get a better experience while at the safari. If you are planning to go on a few tips, then we recommend that you purchase a binocular in the average price range. However, if you are an avid adventurer and go to the safari a lot, then one in the expensive price range is a lot worth eventually.


The magnification plays a huge role, especially in the safari, because having different magnification may affect your overall experience.  You may think that having higher magnification is always better, but this isn’t the case. This is because with higher magnification, you will have a lower FOV and higher sensitivity which makes it a lot harder for you to use the binoculars comfortably. However, with binoculars with low magnification, you will have a harder time seeing details on the animals which is a crucial part in the safari. The best range of magnification is around x8 to x12 because it is the sweet spot at which the FOV is balanced and will be able to see all the details you need to see.

Our Top 3 Safari Binoculars for 2020

1. SNYPEX Profinder Binoculars

If you are looking for a compact, functional binocular, then you have come to the right product as this binocular is a pair of compact binoculars, perfect for any occasion. Whether you are going to go to the safari with these binoculars or go doing other activities that involve binoculars, this one will be the perfect one for you. If you are also looking for an average priced pair of binoculars, the SNYPEX Profinder binoculars are the ones to go for.

A feature that we love about this product are the coated prisms, rotating eyecups, and the waterproof design. The coated prisms help see your target a lot clearer, especially in the bright sun, as it allows your binoculars to gather as much light as possible and forward it inside, so that you can have a better view of your target. The rotating eyecups also help incredibly, as eye positioning is one of the most frustrating and difficult parts about using a binocular and with this feature, it will be one of the easiest. Even if you have glasses or big/small eyes, you will have an easier time fitting your eyes comfortably due to the rotating, retractable eyecups. Lastly, these binoculars are designed to be waterproof up to a meter, so if you happen to get into an accident, you’ll have the waterproof feature to save your binoculars.

These binoculars are built like a tank, meaning that it’ll survive most drops and will endure through many scratches with ease. However, if you drop it often on hard surfaces, then it won’t last as long as you might want it to, but if you take good care of it, it’ll last a long time. This product also has rubber armoring around the entire product which will help protect the binoculars by absorbing the shock from drops and by absorbing the scratches as well.

The price of this product is around average when it comes to safari binoculars, but still has features that is present in a lot more expensive models. This makes this product a good purchase, especially if you are looking to save some money, as you’ll be getting the quality of higher-end models which will make your binoculars last a longer time. There are a few products that are cheaper than this product, with similar features, but the quality that you will be getting will be far off, which is why we recommend this product if you are looking for on in this price range.

The magnification of this product is x8 which is a bit on the shorter side in terms of magnification, but is still viable to use if you are going on a safari which lets you be close to the animals in the first place. However, if you are going to a safari where you will be observing from farther away or if you are going to a safari where one of the main animals are the birds, then we recommend that you look further and try and go for higher magnification. Overall, this product is great if you are looking for an average priced product that is made of great quality and will serve you well at the safari while viewing animals.

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2. Carson 3D Series HD Binoculars

The Carson Binoculars are a premium, but quality pair of binoculars that we know that you will love. It is on the expensive side of safari binoculars, but the features and quality that come along with the products is worth the increase in price. Alongside the features and quality, this product comes with accessories that will make your safari experience so much better and a lot more comfortable. With many designs, patterns, and colors available to choose from, we know that you will be satisfied with this product if you can afford to invest a bit more upfront.

This binocular uses ED glass which is useful in providing you with a sharper and brighter image. This is especially helpful in the safari because the primary goal is for you to view the animals clearly, and with this binocular, you’ll be able to do just that. This product also comes with a few accessories such as a carrying case, neck strap, harness, and cloth which are all beneficial to giving you a better experience. The carrying case will allow you to keep your binoculars safe during your trip and the harness will allow you to keep your binoculars on you always without putting the weight on your neck. Lastly, this product has a wide FOV of 314 feet which will help you incredibly, since having a wider field of view will allow you to see more.

The quality of this product is up to par with the premium price tag because it has everything you need to make this product last a lifetime. This product comes with rubber armor coating around the entire product, so if you happen to drop it or expose it to scratches, the rubber will be able to absorb all of it. This binocular also comes with full waterproof and fog proof protection, so even if you take this product to a wet area of if there is a sudden rainstorm, you’ll be able to have a fully functional binocular.

As we discussed before, the price of this product is in the premium and expensive range. However, the features and quality of this product is something that isn’t seen in other products, such as the harness, deluxe carrying case, and the wide FOV, which are reasons why paying top price for this product is worth it. Alongside this, these binoculars will pay itself off within a few years and anything beyond that is value for you to take advantage of.

The magnification of this product is x8-x10 and this is because there is a few different variations of products available for this type of binoculars. Based on which design and model you choose, you might get x8 or x10, so choose the one you want. It is also important to note where you are going when determining whether you want the x8 model or the x10 model, as if you are going to a safari where you will be moving very closely to the animals, then the x8 model would work best. But if you are going to a safari where you are mostly stationary, then the x10 would work out better. Overall, this product is a great one to get if you can afford to pay the premium price, as it will last a long time and the features and the accessories will pay itself off within a few years.

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3. Polaris Optics Spectator Compact & Lightweight Binoculars

If you are looking for a budget safari binocular, then you have come to the right place. The products above are all expensive and aren’t accessible to those on a tight budget, so if this sounds like you, then read on, as we believe that you will love this product. Although affordable, this product has many features that we know you will like as well as quality that you will be able to trust.

Some features that we noted about this product were the wide FOV, compact size, and ergonomic design. The wide FOV is found in products with lower magnification and this may prove to be both advantageous and disadvantageous for you. The lower magnification is an advantage because it allows you to have a wider angle and see more, but is also disadvantage because you won’t be able to see details up close as you could’ve with higher magnification. This product is also quite compact, which is great since you’ll be able to carry it around your pocket or in your hand without it bothering you, so that you can pull it out whenever the situation arises. Lastly, the ergonomic design on the grip will let you watch whatever you are watching without feeling tired and having to put the binoculars down and missing part of the action.

The one thing that is lacking about this product is the quality. Although the features are great and the price is affordable, the quality of this product is the one disadvantage that you’ll face with this product. This is because this product has rubber armor coating on specialized parts of the binoculars and with a few drops and a few scratches, this product will start looking like it’s worn out. However, if you can safely handle your binoculars and maintain it after every trip, then the quality of this product won’t really matter and it will be of amazing value for those who may be looking for budget safari binoculars.

The magnification of this product is around the same as all the other products in this list at x8. This magnification is good enough for use at the safari, but if you are going to a safari that requires higher magnification, then you may want to increase your budget a bit to allow you to get a quality binocular with higher magnification such as the products reviewed above. Since this product is so compact, you can take it along with you to concerts or even to go bird watching and for these activities, x8 is great as well. Overall, this product is one of the best budget safari binoculars that you can buy if you can take care of it and not drop it often, as the features and magnification is definitely something that is worth a lot more than the small amount you have to pay for this product.

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When going to the safari, it is highly recommended that you take along a binocular because it will help you capture a lot more detail and help you be a lot more engaged than observing with the naked eye. Although the investment may be a bit steep for many, it is one that we highly recommend that you take, as it will be the first step in truly enjoying the safari and the animals that roam there. It is hard to pick between all the choices available, so read our guide carefully and examine what you should look for when choosing your product. It is also recommended that you pick one of the products that we recommended above, as those contain all the features and quality that you will need to have a pleasant experience with your binoculars. The next time you go the safari with your binoculars, you’ll get to see how the elephants eat, how the giraffe uses their long necks to reach high places, and how parents clean their children, something that you won’t be able to see with just your eye!

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