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You’re deep on public land with a group of friends. It’s been hours walking through the thick underbrush, and you come upon a clearing in the forest. As you emerge silently from the tree line, you spot the whitetail.

The excitement builds as you realize it’s a mature stag, and just what you’re looking for on your trip. This deer is going to feed your family for nearly a year. Bow hunting isn’t for the faint-hearted. Sure, it’s easy to set up a shot with a rifle, especially an AR model.

The firearm does the hard work, and you get a clean, accurate shot that doesn’t leave the deer suffering. With a bow, it’s a different story. You need a closer shot at the target, and you need to be accurate. A lack of accuracy leaves you tracking the wounded animal for hours, and you can’t leave without it.

To get the best possible shot, you need an accurate gauge of distance. Calculating the distance allows you to get within the kill distance for your bow. Trying to figure out how far away the deer based on your vision can be deceiving. You could end up being further than you thought from the target.

An accurate rangefinder helps you establish the correct distance to your target, providing a better shot. This post will review the best rangefinders for bowhunting and make recommendations on our top picks.

Our Top Picks

If you can’t wait to hit the road and get out into the woods, you can skip the rest of this review and choose a model from our top picks.

We have rangefinders in three categories, choosing the best overall, premium, and budget model. No matter your hunting requirements, or budget, there’s a rangefinder in these three models to suit your needs.

Best Pick: Bushnell Trophy Xtreme

Bushnell Trophy Xtreme Laser Rangefinder with Arc, Matte Black
  • Lightning fast measurements from 7 to 850 yards with +/- 1 yard accuracy in a durable Rainproof housing
  • Arc bow mode provides true horizontal distance from 7 to 199 yards and the 4x magnification lets you see great detail
  • Full Spectrum targeting enables the acquisition of dark, non-reflective objects and rain guard HD helps keep the lens clear when conditions are nasty
  • Battery life indicator and anti-slip sure-grip finish
  • Carrying case, battery and wrist strap included

The Bushnell Trophy Xtreme is an example of a top rangefinder with excellent performance and a decent price tag. This model features lightning-fast measurements with an accurate distancing from 7 to 850-yards. You get a durable, camouflaged, rainproof housing, with the “Arc-Bow” mode providing true horizontal distance to your target up to 199-yards, with 4X magnification for HD images with outstanding detail. You get a full accessory kit and a Class-1 laser with this Bushnell model.

Premium Pick: theOpticGuru ATN Laser Ballistics Range Finder

theOpticGuru ATN Laser Ballistics Range Finder w/Bluetooth, Ballistic Calculator and Shooting Solutions App (1000m)
  • Ranges the target at 1000/1500 yards with unrivalled precision
  • Connects to ATN day/night/thermal Smart HD Scopes via Bluetooth
  • Feeds the Ballistic Calculator of your ATN Smart HD Scope with range data for automated point of impact correction
  • For traditional scopes, can be used in conjunction with ATN Ballistics app which shows by how many clicks you need to adjust your scope turrets in order to hit the target
  • Fog mode allows to read the distance to your target in adverse weather conditions

If you have the money to spend, then consider this model from theOpticGuru. This rangefinder provides precision accuracy for measurements up to 1,500-yards. This model will connect to your smart device via Bluetooth, allowing you to incorporate ATN day/night and thermal scopes. This model has full smart integration with Android and iOS, featuring an ATN ballistics app helping you adjust your scope for accurate shots. The long-range of this model also makes it suitable for rifle shots. The lightweight, rubberized housing ensures drop-proof protection and weather-resistance.

Budget Pick: TecTecTec ProWild Hunting Rangefinder

TecTecTec ProWild Hunting Rangefinder - 6x24 Laser Range Finder for Hunting with Speed, Scan and Normal Measurements (Camo)
  • HUNTING LASER RANGEFINDER; Tired of cheap rangefinders with short ranges of measurement? Our PROWILD Laser Rangefinder is a premium product, measuring up to 540 yards with continuous scan mode, advanced speed technology, and a durable, water resistant body!
  • SPEED, SCAN and HUNT TECHNOLOGY; Provides fast measurement with +/- 1 yard accuracy.
  • THROUGH THE LENS DISPLAY; Premium, ultra clear, multilayered optics with easy read, through the lens display with distance and battery meter, and continuous measurement mode for fast, convenient measurements!
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE; (Eye-safe rangefinder Class 1 laser with <0.5mW average power output) measures just 104 x 72 x 41 mm and weighing just 185g, with a water and dust resistant, durable body, perfect for carrying while hunting, or for measuring and surveying without extra weight or bulk.
  • FULL PACKAGE; Complete rangefinder package for quick setup, including carrying pouch, CR2 battery, strap, microfiber cleaning cloth, quick start guide, TecTecTec Happy Guarantee for 2 Years (Online Registration Required) and Lifetime customer support.

If you’re working with a budget for your hunting trip, the TecTecTec GoWild series is a fantastic choice for the best rangefinder. This model comes with a camouflaged, rubberized casing for drop protection. You get powerful performance from the GoWild, despite its affordable price tag. This rangefinder offers fast measurements at distances of up to 540-yards. You get advanced speed technology for peak performance in various weather conditions and “Through-the-lens” display with multi-coated optics. For this price, you can’t go wrong.

Rangefinders for Bow Hunting Reviews

Now that you have an idea of our top models, let’s unpack them in further detail. We’ll also look at a few others to find the best rangefinders for bow hunting. Stick around after the reviews and check out our buyer’s guide section. There’s plenty of information to help you settle on your purchase decision.

Bushnell Trophy Xtreme

If you’re looking for the best overall rangefinder for bow hunting, we recommend the Bushnell Trophy Xtreme. This model has a compact design, with an armored, rubberized casing for drop protection and weather resistance.

You get a high-quality laser optics designed for accurate distancing on targets up to 850-feet away. This rangefinder features 4X magnification for powerful view-finding and distance measurements in a fraction of a second.

The full-spectrum targeting of this model comes with the easy acquisition of dark objects. You get multi-coated optics with clear view-finding in bad weather conditions. This model is the ideal choice for bow hunters.

You get a high-quality platform delivering all the requirements necessary for accurate distancing at bowhunting ranges. With the Trophy Xtreme, you get a multi-purpose rangefinder suitable for hunting and any other outdoor activity.

What We Liked
  • Fast and accurate measurements from 7 to 850-feet
  • 4X magnification with a 199-yard range
  • HD-quality detail with multi-coated optics
  • Battery life indicator with Class-1 laser
  • Robust rubberized casing for weather-resistance and drop protection
  • Nylon carry case and lanyard included

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theOpticGuru ATN Laser Ballistics Range Finder

If you’re looking for the best of the best when it comes to rangefinders, this ATN laser ballistics model from theOpticGuru has everything you need. You get a total range finding system suitable for bow and rifle hunting, with accurate distancing up to 1,500-feet.

This rangefinder comes with smart capability. Link it to the app on your smart device. Integrate it with day-night or thermal scopes for versatile use on your next hunt. With this ATN laser model, you get HD-quality optics, with accurate distancing and a rubberized armored housing.

This model comes in a compact design, and despite its high price tag, it’s the best multi-purpose rangefinder available. You get fog mode for use in dreary weather and a rainproof casing that’s water-resistant.

This model is the ideal choice for bowhunters and rifle hunters. You get an advanced smart platform that delivers accurate distancing for every shot. This rangefinder’s smart functionality makes it the best piece of modern hunting technology you can find for your trip.

What We Liked
  • Premium smart option connects to your phone
  • Precision laser distancing with fast response
  • Ranges up to 1,500-yards
  • HD-quality images with multi-coated optics
  • Suitable for ballistics use and bow hunting
  • Fog mode included for adverse weather conditions
  • Compatible with day/night and thermal ATN scopes
  • Accessory kit with nylon carry holster included

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TecTecTec ProWild Hunting Rangefinder

Bowhunters looking for the best budget buy in this review will get plenty of value from this TecTecTec model. This rangefinder for bow hunting comes with an impressive 540-yard range, featuring high definition optics for clear image viewing and accurate distancing.

You get a quick laser readout of your target distance, with multi-mode functionality. The durable, rugged, rubberized casing is drop-proof, featuring a camouflage finish for stealth use on your hunt. You get excellent water resistance and decent imaging in bad weather.

This model comes with a complete accessory package. You get a carry-pouch, a CR2 battery, wrist strap, microfiber lens cleaning cloth, and quick setup on your hunt. This model gives you excellent value for your money, with a price tag that we would expect to be 30% higher.

What We Liked
  • Fast, accurate laser response with Advanced Speed Technology
  • Continuous measurement with a 540-yard range
  • Multi-mode functionality
  • Camouflaged, rubberized body
  • Weather-resistant design
  • Non-slip housing
  • Affordable price tag
  • Through-the-lens display
  • Battery indicator

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Bushnell Engage

Bushnell makes some of the best-quality optics systems for hunting and sports viewing. The Engage model is another example of a class-leading product from this brand. With the Engage, you get a 40% larger objective lens than other models in its class.

The Engage from Bushnell features multi-coated optics for better light transmission and image enhancement. With this model, you get accurate distancing at 1,500-yards, making it one of the most powerful rangefinders in this review.

This model comes with a rubberized casing for drop protection. The textured housing ensures you get total control over the rangefinder, with non-slip protection. This rangefinder comes with a full accessory package with your purchase. You get a neck and wrist strap, carry-case, micro-fiber lens cloth, and a quick start guide included in your unboxing experience.

What We Liked
  • 40% larger objective lens for brighter, clearer images
  • All-glass HD multi-coated optics
  • Arc Technology accounts for the angle in the terrain
  • Accessory kit including case and paracord tether included
  • Accurate distancing with a fast response up to 1,500-yards
  • EXO barrier for weatherproof protection
  • Rubberized non-slip grip

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Gogogo Sport

This sports rangefinder also doubles as a model suitable for bow hunting. You get three function modes, including slope mode for accurate distance measurements at angles.

This rangefinder has accurate distancing up to 1,200-yards, with flag-lock and pin-seeking that comes in handy for locating targets.

This model can measure speeds up to 300-km/h, giving you accurate data on your target in a fraction of a second. The JOLT technology provides a stable viewfinder for accurate measurements, giving you total control over the viewing experience.

This model comes with a complete accessory kit, including a canvas bag, wrist strap, microfiber lens cloth, CR2 batteries, and outstanding customer service from the manufacturer.

What We Liked
  • Accurate distancing up to 1,200-yards with 6Xmagnification
  • Weather-resistant IP54 resistant for splash protection
  • Slope distance correction
  • Three modes, including archery for bow hunting
  • JOLT technology for stable measurements
  • Comes with a full accessory kit including a canvas carry bag
  • Ridges on housing for non-slip use

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Amorom Rangefinder

This model is another affordable rangefinder with plenty of versatility. You get a 6X magnification, with a 656-yard range on this model. If you’re looking for a rangefinder that you can take with you on any outdoor adventure, this model is a great choice.

This model comes with a diopter adjustment for users wearing glasses, and a drop-resistant, waterproof, rubberized casing. The textured case provides an excellent grip in all weather conditions, and the compact design is suitable for multiple functions.

This model’s housing features an ergonomic design, with all the controls easily accessible for one-handed use. You get a shockproof casing that can withstand minor drops, and multifunction modes including flag locking, fog viewing, speed measurements, and distance.

This affordable model comes with a full accessory kit. You get a belt-mounted carry case and a lanyard for secure fitment to your wrist.

This model is a gold rangefinder, but a good example of a cross-over model suitable for bow hunting. However, please don’t use it as a ballistic rangefinder, and the shock of the gunshot may damage the lens objectives.

What We Liked
  • Affordable model
  • Accurate measurements up to 656-yards with 6X magnification
  • Dust-proof and drop-proof rubberized housing
  • Ergonomic, compact design
  • Easy to use with adjustable eye relief

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ACPOTEL Rangefinder

This model is another cross-over model suitable for hunting. You get a large LCD with accurate readouts for your shot setup. The textured housing provides a non-slip surface, with an ergonomic design that feels good in your hands.

This model comes with a full accessory kit and a range of up to 750-yards. The Target Lock Technology in this rangefinder provides easy tracking and distancing of moving targets.

What We Liked
  • Accurate distancing and measurements up to 750-yards
  • External LCD with multi-mode functionality
  • Stippled casing for non-slip drop protection
  • Slope distance compensation
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Ergonomic housing with haptic feedback on target lock

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Other Best Selling Options

Bestseller No. 1
Halo XL450 Range Finder, 450 Yard laser range finder for rifle and bow hunting
  • 450 Yard Laser Range Finder with 6X Magnification
  • Angle Intelligence Technology makes it the perfect rangefinder for Bow Hunting | Scan mode allows you to range multiple targets at different yardages with only one click of the button
  • 450 yard reflective range; Lightweight with adjustable eye piece for focus
  • Accuracy: +/- 1 yard | Offers distance in both yards or meters
  • Class IIIA laser, 5 mW or less | Powered by CR2 Battery (Included)
Bestseller No. 2
AOFAR HX-700N Hunting Range Finder 700 Yards Waterproof Archery Rangefinder for Bow Hunting with Range Scan Fog and Speed Mode, Free Battery, Carrying Case
  • 【HIGH PRECISION FUNCTIONAL RANGEFINDER】:Advanced pinsensor technology, 6x magnification, accuracy with ±1 yard.
  • 【HUNTING RANGE FINDER】:Measurement up to 700 yards. Use range or fog mode can give you amazing experience for hunting even in bad weather day.
  • 【FOUR MODE FOR ANY CIRCUMSTANCE】:For hunting and golf with four mode:Range, Scan, Fog and Speed. You can easily identify target with continuous scan.
  • 【LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE】:Dimension is 110x 75 x 45 mm and weight is 180g. Waterproof and dust resistant with durable feeling. Perfect for carrying while golfing or hunting.
  • 【RISK FREE AND FULL ACCESSORIES】:AOFAR factory direct selling with TWO year VIP and lifetime customer support. Including carrying pouch, CR2 battery, portable rope, carabiner, cleaning cloth and user manual.
Bestseller No. 3
Gogogo 6X Hunting Laser Rangefinder Range Finder Distance Measuring Outdoor Wild 650/1200Y with Slop High-Precision Continuous Scan (1200Yard)
  • INTEGRATED TECHS: Provide high-precision distance measurement. Integrates latest functions such as continuous range readings, ARC (angle range compensation), Pin-Seeking and Flagpole-Locking Vibration (Vibrate when the flagpole is locked) and Speed Measuring, Long Press "MODE" button to change units between meters or yards.
  • VERSATILE RANGE FINDER: The most cost-effective rangefinder you can find on the market to provide you every thing you need for hunting, bowhunting, golf and other professional application with reliable product quality and after sales service
  • DEPENDABLE PERFORMANCE: Measuring range from 5 to 650/1200 yards, with +/- 1m high accuracy and 6x magnification. The flagpole locking function support a distance up to 150 yards. Our rangfinder can meet most user’s needs
  • THROUGH-THE-LENS DISPLAY: Fully multicoated optic lens effectively reduces reflected light and increases the transmission of light giving you a brighter clear image and clear readings. The diopter is adjustable for precise focus on display
  • WHAT WILL YOU GET: Package include rangefinder, 1 CR2 battery, basic canvas carring bag, manual, microfiber cleaning cloth and strap. Last but not least, we proudly provide 1 year warranty and lifetime customer support.
Bestseller No. 4
AOFAR HX-1200T Range Finder for Hunting Archery, 1200 Yards with Angle and Horizontal Distance, Shooting Wild Waterproof Coma Rangefinder, 6X 25mm, Range and Bow Mode, Free Battery Gift Package
  • 【ACCURATE HUNTING RANGE FINDER】:Adopting the latest Al technology, supports bow and range two modes, dust proof, fog proof, waterproof for all hunting enthusiasts.
  • 【BOW AND HUNTING MODE】:Shows angle and horizontal distance when showing straight-line distance.
  • 【HIGH PRECISION RANGEFINDER】:Upgrade pinsensor technology. Accuracy with±1 yard in 5~300Y, larger than 300 yards is +/-1 yards. Measurement up to 1200 yards. 6x magnification. Sizes is 121x 72 x 43 mm and weight is 180g.
  • 【COMPLETE RANGE FINDER】:Including carrying pouch, CR2 battery, high-grade portable rope, carabiner, cleaning cloth and manual.
  • 【SAFETY SHOPPING EXPERIENCE】:AOFAR factory direct selling with TWO year VIP and lifetime customer support. It's Important to Share Your Shopping Experience. Engineers will Develop What You Like.
SaleBestseller No. 5
TecTecTec ProWild Hunting Rangefinder - 6x24 Laser Range Finder for Hunting with Speed, Scan and Normal Measurements (Camo)
  • HUNTING LASER RANGEFINDER; Tired of cheap rangefinders with short ranges of measurement? Our PROWILD Laser Rangefinder is a premium product, measuring up to 540 yards with continuous scan mode, advanced speed technology, and a durable, water resistant body!
  • SPEED, SCAN and HUNT TECHNOLOGY; Provides fast measurement with +/- 1 yard accuracy.
  • THROUGH THE LENS DISPLAY; Premium, ultra clear, multilayered optics with easy read, through the lens display with distance and battery meter, and continuous measurement mode for fast, convenient measurements!
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE; (Eye-safe rangefinder Class 1 laser with <0.5mW average power output) measures just 104 x 72 x 41 mm and weighing just 185g, with a water and dust resistant, durable body, perfect for carrying while hunting, or for measuring and surveying without extra weight or bulk.
  • FULL PACKAGE; Complete rangefinder package for quick setup, including carrying pouch, CR2 battery, strap, microfiber cleaning cloth, quick start guide, TecTecTec Happy Guarantee for 2 Years (Online Registration Required) and Lifetime customer support.

Rangefinders for Bow Hunting Buyer’s Guide

If you’re out on a hunt, your equipment can mean the difference between making the shot or missing the target. Worse, you could end up injuring the animal, requiring a lengthy tracking session that may or may not result in you finding your prey.

Making the most out of your shot is challenging, even when using a rifle as your preferred hunting tool. You need to ensure you set up the shot to give you an accurate kill. Getting this shot setup right is even more demanding when using a bow.

Talented bow hunters like John Dudley and Cameron Hanes can make amazing shots at a distance, with stunning accuracy that delivers a kill shot with every pull of the bowstring. However, chances are you’re not quite on this level of talent. Setting up your shot requires more than relying on your eyesight.

There are so many dynamics at play. The distance to your target, the terrain’s angle, and the windspeed are all concerning factors. If you want to make the most out of every time you release your bowstring, you need confidence in your ability and your shot setup.

A rangefinder can help you cut out some of the concerning factors involved with your shot setup. When you know the exact distance to your target and the lay of the land, you eliminate some of the risk factors where the shot could go wrong.

Finding the Right Rangefinder for Bow Hunting

Rangefinders are available in a few options. They typically come with a purpose-built design for use in hunting and sports use. Hunting models usually feature setup for ballistics or bow hunting use. If you’re using a rifle on your hunt, it’s a better option to go with a ballistic model.

Ballistics models have shock proofing to handle the explosion of a gunshot. Without a specific shock-absorption setup, your rangefinder lens objectives will shift out of position, rendering your rangefinder useless.

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about a gunshot’s impact on your equipment with bow hunting. Therefore, you have the option of choosing a non-ballistics model. Consequently, you get a lower price tag, and you can cross-over to other models suitable for golfing and sports activity.

Finding the right rangefinder to suit your hunting needs requires you to understand your experience level and your hunt’s environmental conditions. We put this section together to give you everything you need to know about selecting your ideal model from the best rangefinders for bow hunting.

Brand, Quality, and Budget

The first step in finding the best rangefinders for bow hunting involves looking at the brand and manufacturer. High-quality optics systems cost more, and you can expect higher price tags on premium brands due to higher-quality optics.

However, that’s not to say low-end systems are useless; there are plenty of rangefinders out there offering you decent levels of functionality for as little as $80. Choosing the right brand and setting your budget is a personal preference.

It’s a wise idea to create a budget and stick to it. It’s easy to find yourself checking out with a system that’s more than you planned on spending. Choosing the best model depends on how you intend to use it on a hunt. If you only want a rangefinder for a 300-foot shot distance, you can get away with a more affordable model with lower-quality optics.

However, if you do some rifle hunting from time to time, you will need a more range system. It’s common for rifle rangefinders to measure distances up to 1,200-feet or more.

Choose the model that meets your hunting needs, and focus on models that offer high-quality optics with a solid reputation for design and customer service.

Laser Types and Function

There are different models of rangefinders, but the most common are laser-powered models. The ultrasonic models tend to be much more expensive, and they make a noise during use. A laser rangefinder tracks the time it takes the infrared light beam to reach your target.

After making the distance calculation in a fraction of a second, the device displays the data on a small LCD mounted into the rangefinder’s casing. An optical rangefinder uses a mirror prism system to measure the distance, displaying it on the viewfinder or dial for easy reference.

These prism mirrors reflect dual images, rotating them to show a single target. Optical systems are not the best choice for hunting, as they struggle with measuring accurately over rugged terrain. However, they do present an affordable alternative to laser rangefinders.

Laser rangefinders are the best option for hunting. These models feature design and construction, purpose-built for hunting. Most models come with Class-1 or Class-2 lasers, allowing for accurate use in fog and bad weather conditions.

The Optics System

When selecting your new rangefinder, the optics are the most important feature. When browsing models online, you’ll notice they come at various price points. Some rangefinders cost hundreds of dollars, while others offer you a price tag under $50.

The quality of the optics is the most significant factor contributing to the price of your rangefinder. Lower-priced models might be more affordable, but they lack the precision and accuracy of high-priced premium rangefinders. You need to decide on the right model to suit your hunting needs.

The optics system refers to the lens objective’s size, the lens glass’s quality, the device’s magnification power, and its maximum range. Premium models come with lenses that compensate for angles in your terrain and optimal light transmission with multi-coated lenses.

You need a rangefinder that can accurately measure distance fast, giving you instant feedback for target acquisition.

Targeting Range

Most bowhunters make shots up to a maximum of 300-feet. Getting this close to the target mitigates some of the risk involved with the shot setup. The best bowhunters can make shots at distances up to 1,000-feet, depending on the environmental conditions.

Therefore, you don’t need a high-powered optics system if you’re not going to use it. However, if you’re a cross-hunter, and like switching out between the bow and a rifle, it’s good to know the system can handle both a bow and a rifle setup.

We recommend going for high-quality optics systems with ranges of 500-feet or more.

Compensating Mode for Calculating Angles

Unless you’re hunting on a flat plane, you’re going to face angles in the terrain on your hunt. You need equipment that compensates for these angles, providing better accuracy in your distance measurement. Angular compensation is an important feature for making that shot on a slope or across a riverbank.

This feature helps keep your target in sight, even on angular terrain. Knowing how high or low you need to aim your bow can make a big difference in your kill shot’s accuracy and efficacy.

Viewing Magnification

The magnification of your rangefinder is important, but it’s not as critical as the lens objective. However, the magnification is an important selling point. Look for models that offer a 4X magnification or better.

4X is plenty for bow hunting, but you might require up to 7X or more for accurate distance measurement while rifle hunting.

Lens Objective

The lens objective is what you need to focus on when selecting your new rangefinder. We like models that offer larger objectives for more light transmission into the optics system and a clear HD picture. However, it’s a trade-off between objective size and compact design in your rangefinder.

Larger objectives are bulky, and they weigh more. Therefore, you need to match the size of the lens objective for your hunting needs. As mentioned, most shots in bow hunting take place at 300-feet or closer. Therefore, choosing a system with a range of 750-feet to 1,000-feet is more than enough to match your hunting needs with the bow. If you’re crossing over, then stepping up the objective to accommodate distances up to 1,500-feet is satisfactory for your hunting requirements.

Lens Coatings

When selecting your rangefinder, the lens coating is a significant indicator of a high-quality optics system. Rangefinders that run multi-coated optics systems have less reflection in the lens. As a result, the lens doesn’t flash the target, alerting it of your presence.

However, the most important feature of multi-coated lenses is its light transmission capability. A multi-coated lens allows more light to enter the optics chamber.

As a result, you get a crystal-clear picture with HD quality. The better the optics, the better the accuracy for measuring distance, and the longer-range you get with the device.

Compact Sizing and User-Friendly Operation

When you’re out on a hunt, you need lightweight, compact gear. The heavier and bulkier your equipment, the more it weighs you down. If you’re going deep into public land, heavy equipment will cost you calories and energy, reducing the quality of the experience.

Your rangefinder should be compact and fit in a carry case. The case should attach to your belt or your person, giving you the opportunity for quick access when you spot an animal. Look for models that offer user-friendly operation. LCD screens providing readouts of your distances are useful for quick reference and shot setup.

Casing Features and Design

The housing of your rangefinder also makes a big difference in the performance of your equipment. Look for models featuring a rubberized and waterproof chassis.

An armored housing provides drop protection, scratch-resistance, and a non-slip surface. When you’re viewing a target in wet weather when wearing gloves, you need to ensure you have total control over your equipment.


Your rangefinder should come with at least a few basic accessories. Look for models with a holster or carry-case, and a wrist lanyard is an important safety accessory for your rangefinder.

Rangefinders for Bow Hunting FAQs

Is a laser rangefinder for bow hunting accurate?

Lasers are very accurate instruments for precision use in the field. Some models may struggle in low-light or foggy conditions, so make sure you get the right laser to suit your hunting. If you’re hunting in foggy weather, make sure you get a class-2 laser on your device for better penetration in adverse weather conditions.

Do military snipers use rangefinders?

Yes, military snipers use range finders. However, most of these models are suitable for use with firearms like long-range rifles.

The shockwave produced by these long-guns might dislodge the rangefinder’s prisms, causing malfunction of the device. If you’re looking for range finders for rifle-hunting, make sure you choose a ballistics-grade instrument.

Can my phone function as a rangefinder?

Some models like the theOpticGuru ATN Laser Ballistics Range Finder feature smart functionality, integrating with your smartphone.

These range finders connect to your phone, providing you with digital feedback on the distance o your target. Some models also feature compatibility with thermal or night vision.

Is it dangerous to point a laser rangefinder at somebody?

When assessing your rangefinder’s safety, it’s important to note that these devices come in four categories. Most rangefinders feature design and assembly with class-1 or class-2 lasers. These lasers offer you accurate measurements and range finding at distances of up to 1,000-yards.

However, class-3 and class-4 lasers can cause damage to the eyes with even brief exposure. Regardless of the safety rating on any laser, never point it at someone’s eyes.


By now, you should have a good idea of the best rangefinders for bow hunting. Our reviews have a model to suit any weather conditions, with plenty of choice on rangefinders to suit any budget.

However, we realize it can be confusing to choose from only a handful of models. With all the rangefinders in this review offering a great deal, how do you settle on one?

If you’re on the fence with your decision, why not rely on our top picks? We have models to suit any budget or bow hunting requirements.

The Bushnell Trophy Xtreme wins our award for the best overall rangefinder. This model features a camouflaged housing for stealth use, multi-coated optics, and fats measurements up to 850-yards. You get full-spectrum targeting, and accurate distancing from this model, with an anti-slip grip on the housing and rubberized armor for drop protection.

Hunters looking for the best ballistics-grade rangefinder available will love theOpticGuru ATN Laser Ballistics model. This rangefinder features integration with smart technology, linking it to your Apple or Android device. You get accurate distancing, and it’s compatible with ATN day-night and thermal scopes. This rangefinder works in low-light and foggy conditions, and it’s suitable for use with rifles as well.

If you’re looking for the best budget buy in this review, the TecTecTec ProWild Hunting Rangefinder presents excellent value for your hunting trip. This model features design and construction with a camouflaged, rubberized housing for drop protection. You get multi-coated optics with a through-lens display for excellent image quality and accurate distancing.

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