Best Binoculars for Hunting 2017 – Buying Guide & Reviews

Best Binoculars for Hunting 2017 – Buying Guide & Reviews

When you are out hunting, you will often get into situations where your eye just isn’t enough. You need something that can magnify what your eye can normally see x7, x8, and even x10 times to make out that small animal you want to hunt down. Scientists use magnifying glasses and microscopes to investigate and study tiny organisms and insects. Hunters use binoculars to find animals to hunt and in this article, you will learn how to choose the best binoculars for hunting that will fit your needs.

What to Look For


When using binoculars for hunting, depending on the number and types of features you have, your success rate will either be high or very low. This is because some features such as being waterproof, fog proof, and having multicoated glasses can all contribute towards how well you can see your target. Some binoculars have reticules that will help you measure the distance between you and the target, so that you can have a better idea of the distance and measure the fall off rate of your rifle, which is another factor that will increase your success rate.


After you invest a fair amount into a pair of binoculars for your future hunting trips that will come in the next couple of years, you wouldn’t want it to break in the first trip. That’s why quality of your product is very important, or else it will simply have too many scratches to take along for another trip or it will be broken beyond repair to keep around at all. Therefore, we recommend that you read our reviews of the products below, so that you won’t have to guess on the quality, but take the words of experts that have used many different types and brands of binoculars over a span of several years. This will also save you money in the long run, as you will be spending less on replacing the ones that break.


Although not the most important, magnification is still something that you shouldn’t ignore when choosing your binoculars. This is because depending on your max magnification, it will make the difference between seeing that rare bird you’ve been dying to see and seeing a blur instead. Most high-end models tend to go up to x8 or even x10 for the better models, with the lower end models maxing out at x5 or sometimes even x7 for the high-quality models. Higher magnification means a pricier product, so on your usage and needs, you may not even need high magnification, so think about your needs and purchase accordingly.


This is one of the most important factors when it comes to choosing your pair of binoculars. Depending on the amount you decide to set aside for your binoculars will make the difference between owning a pair that will survive a single trip and will make your neck tired after each day of travelling and owning a pair that will last through multiple trips and will stay intact after several years of use while also being comfortable and lightweight to keep your neck comfortable while travelling for a long period. Cheaper products tend to last a shorter amount of time and tend to be more uncomfortable, so if you can, we highly recommend that you maximize your budget on your binoculars, so that you can have a comfortable trip and have a pair of binoculars that will stay with you forever.

Hunting Binoculars Reviews

Nikon 7577 Monarch 10×42 Binocular

We all know Nikon for their astounding cameras and the quality pictures that are produced out of these cameras, so when it comes to binoculars, we know that the viewing quality will be crisp clear. Nikon Binoculars come attached with premium ED glass to allow for a sharper view of anything you view through your binoculars. Another perk of using binoculars that was made by a premium camera company is the weight of the product. By taking the technology of lightweight design of the cameras and applying it to this binocular, you now have access to the Monarch 5 which is lighter than most of the binoculars available today.

Along with the goodness mentioned above, there are also several features that we loved about this product. One was the multicoated eco-glass lens that is used on the magnifying glass lens. This eco-glass lens allows the full spectrum of light to pass through, allowing you to get a view of your object using all the colors of the light spectrum, giving you a higher quality image that is crisp and solid. Another feature that is essential to binoculars that are built for hunting is the field of view of the lens and the Nikon 7577 Monarch provides just that, by allowing you to view a total of 228 feet FOV which is high enough for your hunting needs.

Despite being an amazing product so far, there are a few more things to be amazed at, such as the quality of these binoculars. The entire Nikon Monarch is waterproof, letting you use it wherever you are, even if you are underwater while hunting for the marine animal. If you are using the product underwater, you’ll need decent durability to go along with it, which is why this product comes with a rubber armored body to allow high durability and to ensure that the binoculars will last through your entire trip, whether you are trekking through thick leaves or crawling through wet mud.

These binoculars have to be the best binoculars for deer hunting primarily because of its size and magnification. The magnification of this product is x10 with the size being 10×42. This is the perfect size and magnification for deer hunting or hunting in general because you will be able to hunt out the perfect deer from far away without startling it. With this magnification, you’ll even be able to see the hair on the deer’s neck from as far as 200 yards away!

Everything sounds amazing, nothing can go wrong, right? That is true if you set your budget large enough for this product, as this product is one of the most expensive hunting binoculars that you can get. There are a few reasons as to why this product is this expensive. One is because of the brand name, as Nikon is a premium brand after all, with the second being that the product is great and has everything that you’ll ever need, including quality, features, and the perfect weight and size. If you can fit your budget to purchase this product, go for it without hesitation, as it will be the best purchase you will ever make, but if you can’t, there are still products that are cheaper that we have reviewed below, so we recommend that you go for those instead if you can’t afford this one with your budget.

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Bushnell Legend Ultra HD Roof Prism Binocular

Bushnell is a brand that is known to make high quality binoculars that have plenty of features to make any hunter satisfied, especially with this product. With the ability to last through rain, fog, steam, while providing a wide range of view, you can finally see why people bring quality binocular with them on their hunting trips instead of bring cheap ones instead.

The Bushnell Legend Ultra HD comes with several features that we love that will give an advantage to anyone who will use these binoculars for hunting. The first feature that we liked was the WB coating. This coating is a type of anti-reflection coating that helps allow the maximum amount of light that can enter through the lens and let you have the best brightness possible for the best possible view as well as allow you to see with all the colors of the spectrum instead of being limited to a set of colors. Another feature that we loved was the ED glass that was also present in the Nikon model that was reviewed above. This glass removes any color fringing that may be present, so that even in low-lighting, you can see all the tiny details that you wouldn’t be able to make our normally under dim light.

Just like the features, the quality of this product is just as amazing. As the product is made from high quality materials and coated with premium rubber, you will be able to take this binocular hunting without fearing that it will come back scratched and broken and unable to use for your next trip. As this product was made to use for a long time, you’ll be able to use it for all your trips and not just one. To show how much this brand supports the quality of their product, they also provide a lifetime guarantee on their product, so if it ever breaks or stops working due to an accident, then you can get it replaced for free of charge without being asked any questions at all.

Just like the Nikon binoculars, this product is also 10×42 size and has a x10 magnification. This will let you hunt without being noticed, while also being accurate and taking note of the distance that your bullet will have to travel to confirm your kill. This magnification will also allow you to view mountains or birds while traveling, although its features were primarily meant for hunting. Usually, high magnification means lower FOV, but with this product you can still have a wide FOV without compromising on the magnification, so that you won’t lose your target if it happens to start moving toward a direction that you may not be focused on.

Although this product isn’t as bad, it is still quite expensive like the Nikon binoculars. However, this product is one of the most affordable and best binoculars for hunting due to the features, quality, and durability shown above. When it comes to pricing of hunting binoculars, this is the absolute lowest that you can go if you want to taste the feeling of high quality texture on the product and if you want the product to last a long period. If you have the budget, go for this product, but if you don’t, then you still have the last product below that you can choose. However, we recommend that you try and maximize your budget as much as possible, as the more you spend, the better quality you can get and the longer your binoculars will last.

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Vanguard 10×42 Spirit ED Binocular

If you are on a tight budget and you are looking for an affordable pair of binoculars, then this is the product that you have been waiting for. Although not as high quality as the expensive models above, this product still has plenty of features to keep your hunting on point and to keep you hunting with accuracy, even in low light conditions and even with long hunting sessions. Even if the quality may be lower, the features of this product make up for the loss of the quality along with the affordable price of the product.

Some of the features that we love about this product is the complete waterproof design of this product. While some other binoculars may say that they are waterproof, if you happen to accidentally drop them it inside a river while hunting, they will most likely break because if a pair of binoculars aren’t made to be waterproof, water will get in through the cracks and mess up the magnification. However, with this product, you will get full water protection, as the product was built for it. Another feature that we love is the weight and ergonomic design of the product. While being lightweight, the product is also ergonomically designed, so that you can hold the binoculars for a long period without feeling fatigue on your arms or hands.

As we stated before, the quality of this product can’t match to those of the expensive models. However, when compared to the ones around the price range of this product, the Vanguard Spirit is an absolute beast. It even has a lifetime guarantee that comes with the product, since the brand is so confident about the quality that if it happens to break within the lifetime of the product, you will get a replacement free of charge. From our experience, scratches are rare and even if it happens, it is usually light and don’t show up unless it is brought up to the light. Overall, the quality of this product exceeds the quality of others around the same price range, which is why we recommend this product over others in this price range.

This product is a 10×42 which means that it is a x10, 42mm sized binocular. This will let you have a precise view of your target without having to go up close and scare it away. This size is also decent when it comes to other activities as well, so if you want to purchase a pair of binoculars to use with other activities, it is an excellent fit. The viewing angle of this magnification is usually tight, but with this product, the viewing angle is decent and will let you track moving targets at high magnification easily as well.

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Hunting is a fabulous sport, with ups and downs, with exciting moments and terrifying moments. We all hunt because of the rush of adrenaline when it comes to finally finding and catching whatever you were chasing for a long time. To aid you in the process, a pair of binoculars are a must, but not anything works. It should be mostly water proof, can be used in low or dim lighting, can be used with a bit of fog, and should be able to give you precise view without any loss of vision. The binoculars should also be extremely durable and should be able to resist scratches without you having to take good care of it, as scratches are something that happens almost every minute when chasing your target. If you take our suggestions from above, you will be able to pick up a good pair of binoculars for a fair price with a wide range of features and great durability to aid you in your hunting adventures. Whichever one you choose, we know that you will use it well and will use it to your advantage while hunting and finally catch the deer that you’ve wanted to catch!


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