Easy Tips to Keep Your Binoculars Clean

You may have the best binoculars but if you do not take care of them, the overall quality takes a hit. Hence it important that you clean and maintain them on a frequent basis.

The most important part of the binoculars is the lens. The binoculars usually come with a cover for the eyepieces, this provides protection to the lens. Most manufacturers call this a ‘rain guard.’ Ensure to keep the rain guard on while you are not using the binoculars.

Especially when you are eating or taking a break, keep the binoculars away as they shouldn’t come in contact with oily or other particles. As we said earlier, a lens is the core of any binocular. Thus, in this article, we will focus on ways and means by which you can keep the lenses clean.

How to Clean Your Lenses?

Despite our best, we do get our binoculars dirty and messy. But don’t worry, it can all be fixed. You have to take special care when you clean the lenses. Do not use random things to clean the lenses. Refrain from using the tail of your shirt, your tie or handkerchief, toilet tissue, paper towels, facial tissue, newspaper, T-shirts and especially your saliva.  

Some of the paper products mentioned above are made up of wood fibers which will make a scratch on the coatings when used. Tissues and paper towels contain lanolin which isn’t great for the lenses. Lastly, but, most importantly don’t use detergent on lenses.

Always clean your lenses with the soft cloth provided with binocular set i.e. the one that came with your binoculars. If you haven’t received one, purchase a separate cleaning cloth whose material is binocular friendly. When it comes to lens cleaning liquids, only use a lens cleaner that is isopropyl alcohol based. Not all cleaners are suitable for the coated lens, hence check the feasibility before buying one.

Keep the above points in mind if you are a binocular owner. This will extend the life of the binoculars and also provides a great viewing experience.