Best Waterproof Binoculars 2017 – A Comprehensive Guide

If you are planning to go on a wet trip and having a pair of binoculars will assist you, then getting a waterproof binocular is highly recommended. This is because normal binoculars tend to do bad under wet conditions, as water stuck inside the optics isn’t a good experience since it will obscure your view. Waterproof binoculars will seal all the cracks on your binocular, so that no water can get inside. These binoculars are a bit more specialized, meaning that it will lack in a few aspects because of the waterproof feature. However, if you choose the right binocular, you’ll still be able to get a perfect experience.

Although waterproof binoculars are special binoculars, there are still a wide selection of them available due to the popularity of them for those going on a whale watching trip or for those who go hunting in wet environments. This may sound like a good thing since you have more to choose from, but it makes it harder for you because of how many there are. When choosing your binoculars, we recommend that you look at the features, quality, and price it comes with, as those are the main things that contribute to a good, waterproof binocular.

What to Look For


The most important feature to look for is the waterproof feature. Make sure that the binocular is waterproof from end to end to make sure that no water gets inside your binoculars. The depth range should also be at least 5-10m to ensure that you can drop it inside a lake or a river without the pressure letting the water in. Other features that you might want to look for includes the multi-coated optics and prisms to give you better clarity and definition while you are viewing with the binoculars


Everyone wants their binoculars to last as long as they can make it last. To ensure that your binocular lasts a long time, quality is something that you must pay attention to. If the quality is great on your binoculars, you can expect the features to be well built along with the durability to be quite good as well. If you get a binocular with bad quality, it will be cheaper but with low quality features and a lower durability which will make your binoculars last a shorter period of time and have you pay again to replace it.


The price of your product will change the quality that you get, just like every other product out there. We highly recommend that you invest a bit more upfront, so that you get a pair of binoculars that has great features and will last a long time without having to deal with low quality and having to replace your binoculars repeatedly. However, there are still some great binoculars for those on a budget, so we recommend that you look out for those as well. Overall, the longer your binoculars last, the better value purchase you will have made, so look out for those that seem like they will last a long time to get the best value possible.

Waterproof Binoculars Reviews

Bushnell 138005 H2O Waterproof/Fogproof Compact Roof Prism Binocular

If you are on a budget, then this Bushnell binocular is something that you should keep your eyes on, as it is one of the better, budget binoculars. Compared to other binoculars in the same price range, this binocular excels in quality, magnification, and features. Its sight is clear because of the special optics and the magnification that you get can let you see anything that’s quite far away. If you’re on a budget, don’t go for a cheaper one but invest in this, as you’ll see the value when you use it for a while.

The waterproof feature of this product is quite good for this price range, as the product is entirely waterproof. This is made possible because it is O-ring sealed and is also nitrogen purged, so that there are no seams where water can get through and so that you can drop it inside a river or lake without facing the consequences. This binocular also comes with multi-coated optics and BaK-4 prisms to allow light to enter for darker environments and to allow a clearer viewing experience. We especially loved the multi-coating of this product because it is easy to get into a dark environment while hunting or exploring and with the help of the multi-coated optics, your binoculars will be able to gather all the light around you to transmit into your binoculars for use in the dark.

The quality of this product isn’t the best, but Bushnell tried its best to let you use the binoculars for as long as possible. This binocular comes with rubber armor, so that if you do happen to drop it, it won’t break since the rubber armor will absorb all the shock. The rubber armor will also absorb minor scratches as without it, scratches might create seams for water to enter your binoculars. However, the rubber armor won’t be able to protect your binoculars from fatal drops or hard scratches, so you still must be careful if you want to keep your binoculars lasting as long as possible.

The price of this product is one of the best things about this product. If you are on a budget then this binocular will be one of the better value purchases you can make as you’ll have to spend less money replacing your binoculars since this one will last a long time compared to other binoculars in this price range. However, if you are looking for better quality, then you will have to increase your budget as this binocular has great features, but lacks in certain aspects when it comes to the quality such as the optic lens and the focusing knob. Overall, this binocular is highly suggested for those on a budget that still want quality binoculars to view with on their wet trip.

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Polaris Optics RuggedEagle 8X32 Compact Birding Binoculars

If you have a bigger budget and you are looking for better quality, then you have come to the right place. This binocular is not only better in terms of quality, but in terms of value and features as well. This binocular is suitable for close to all activities and is durable enough to last through major drops without causing a dent on the product. If you aren’t on a budget, then we recommend that you read our review of this product, so that you can get a better value product for the long term.

The features of this binoculars are astounding. First, the optics are designed to give you the best clarity and contrasting view as possible, so that the colors stand out for you to enjoy without any vision loss. The optics are also multi-coated, allowing light to be transmitted to binoculars for a clearer view. Another feature about this binocular that we liked was how compact it was. The compact size of this binocular will allow you to keep it inside your pocket or inside a small compartment inside of your backpack without feeling it there at all. Lastly, the waterproof feature is present on this binocular, letting you dunk your binoculars inside water without fearing that water will get in because of the way it was designed. 

The quality of this binocular is definitely on the top compared to the rest of the products, primarily because of how expensive it is compared to the rest. However, the price is worth paying because the quality that you get is worth that much more value. The outer layer of the binoculars is coated with rubber armor to help absorb shocks from drops and the interior build is also laced with material that will help keep the binoculars from denting from high drops. The quality can also be seen through the optics and the focusing knobs, as they are both made from high quality materials and perform very well.

The only downside to this product is that it’s a lot more expensive compared to the rest of the products. However, if you would rather go for value than quantity, then it is recommended that you invest a bit more upfront rather than having to spend more money overtime to replace the cheap binoculars that broke with just a few uses. Overall, we highly recommend this binocular if you can afford it because it is arguable one of the best waterproof binoculars that you can get because of the variety of the features you receive as well as the quality that you get along with the waterproof feature.

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AVANTEK Compact Ultra HD Binoculars

If you are looking for the average priced product that isn’t low quality or too high priced, then this product is the one for you. With high magnification and a wide FOV, you’ll be able to use these binoculars for whatever activity you will be involved in, whether it be whale watching, sports spectating, or whale watching.

One feature about this product that makes it decent is the multi-coated optics. Without it, you’ll only be able to see a blurry outline of your target, but with the multi-coated optics, you’ll be able to see your target clearly in the dark. This binocular also comes with BaK-4 prisms, so that your view will be a lot more brighter and crisp for you to enjoy and experience. This clearer display alongside the x10 magnification will allow you to see everything in closer detail, making your experience that much better. The wide FOV is another feature that we liked because it will allow you to have a wider range of view to find the target you are trying to find. With a tighter view, you’ll feel more restricted and it will also be harder for you to track down the object you are trying to find.

The quality of this binocular isn’t as good as the Polaris binoculars above, but it is good enough to last through drops, water dunks, minor scratches, and a few years of use if handled properly. Although you may not be able to see it, the internal components are of decent quality which will increase the length of time in which you will be able to use this product. Most low-quality products try to use high quality materials for the outside and low quality materials for the inside, explaining why they look good, but break quite easily unlike these binoculars which will last you a long time.

The price of this product isn’t too expensive, but it isn’t cheap either. This product is a good average product and if you want something above the low budget range, but don’t want to get anything too expensive, then this binocular is highly recommended as the price is right in the middle for those looking to increase their budget by a bit to get better quality. As this binocular is built to last awhile, the value that you will get out of this product will be a lot higher than a budget binocular, so we recommend that you keep that in mind as you are deciding as this product is recommended for its great features, quality, and price.

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If you are going to be participating in an activity where you know you will get wet and it requires binoculars, then we highly suggest that you get binoculars with the waterproof feature. This is because normal binoculars will get ruined and will be broken beyond use if water gets inside the optics. With waterproof binoculars, the optics and seams will be sealed, making it impossible for water to get in and ruin your experience. If you are having a hard time choosing the right binocular for you, then choose one of the three that we reviewed above, as they were picked from the many available and passed our strict criteria.

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