Best Hunting Rangefinders 2020 – Reviews & Ultimate Guide

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If you are reading this, it means that you are looking for a rangefinder. If you have just heard something about them, let us explain what these devices are. Rangefinders are gadgets that allow you to determine the distance between an object or a point. Therefore, they are used for archery, golf, and hunting. The number of real applications is outstanding, but all of these devices are perfect for gold, so we can say that this is their main purpose. Bushnell Rangefinders and Leupold Rangefinders being my top choices.

During the last century, some of the manufacturers have been known for the best archery rangefinders. Some of them are Bushnell, Leupold, and Nikon. In any case, you are going to need the best rangefinder, if you want to have a pleasant experience with your rangefinder.

In this article, we will go through the best rangefinders, as well as the best rangefinder brands so that you easily can find the right pair for you!

What is a rangefinder?

A rangefinder is a device which estimates the distance of a particular object. Most people who buy rangefinders use them alongside guns or cameras. These days, rangefinders are more high-tech than ever before and most may be worn around the neck or stashed in a pocket between uses.

Since they are compact, dependable and fill a specific need, they are practical choices for an array of applications, including hunting, bird-watching and photography and the best hunting rangefinders. Today, we’re going to share information on how to select the best rangefinder online with our rangefinder reviews. Our top rangefinders. More like a rangefinder comparison. We’ll also review seven models which earn accolades from consumers and industry experts. What is the best rangefinder you may ask? Well, your at the right place for that answer. You’ll find the best ones here.

So what are the best rangefinders? Well, we’ve selected seven great styles to feature in this rangefinder comparison, based on laser rangefinder reviews, as well as research into product features, prices, and product materials. In particular, we’ve given weight to rangefinder reviews from real-life owners, as their authentic views on how these products perform in the “real world” are very important.

Most lists feature the top 10 best bowhunting rangefinders. Our list has only seven top-rated rangefinders because we’ve focused on offering you information about high-quality devices. It’s all about quality over quantity! We’ll have other articles on top 10 best laser rangefinders but in a different category. This is what you call a rangefinder comparison.

Now, before we begin to outline seven practical and rugged choices, let’s talk about what to look for from the best archery rangefinder. A superior design will have certain features and it’s important to know what they are in the best hunting rangefinders.

At just the press of a button, rangefinders bounce a laser beam off your target. An internal clock measures the time it takes for the laser to reach the target and back. It then calculates the distance. The range is then displayed in yards and meters on a built-in internal LCD Panel in seconds.

Most powerful tiers vary depending on the goal. For rifles, you are looking at six hundred-1,200 yards or extraat the same time as archery-precise fashions are round800 yards. Hard or reflective gadgetssuch as a rock, can be measured at more distances than smoothsurface targets such as a deer; targets which include bushes fall somewhere in among.

The specifications of maximum rangefinders will indicate their most tiers for various objectives. Archery-precise fashions are designed to provide first-rateaccurate measurements out to about 150 yards in fractions-of-a-yard readings.

Every producer has its very own name for it, but many fashions have a function that offers the true horizontal distance, compensating for variations in terrain and angle. Lengthy uphill/downhill at excessive tiers of incline/decline could have a great impact due to the fact the distance on your target is actually much less than on the level floor, lessening gravity’s impact in your bullet or arrow. A few rifle models may also provide ballistics reimbursement by way of showing the bullet drop or holdover adjustment required.

Correct ranging is crucial for bow hunters, and severe stages of incline/decline, along with while taking pictures from a tree stand, could have a great effect because the space to your target is absolutely much less than on the ground, lessening gravity’s effect on your arrow.

Types of rangefinders


Laser rangefinders degree distances by means of determining the quantity of time it takes a pulse of infrared light to tour to an item and returned. for the reason that speed of light is steadythe amount of time taken varies proportionately with space. To beautify the accuracy of every shot, many lasers ship out lasers and an average distance is calculated. Laser rangefinders are narrowband and one needs to goal the goal accurately. The most range and accuracy of laser contraptions is dependent on the reflective of the target.


Ultrasonic rangefinders use different types of band frequencies created by something called a transducer to send beams of sound waves which bounce off different objects.  The return signal is then received by a handheld receiver. With these ultrasonic receivers, the accuracy of the range being measured is affected by the position of the receiver, presence of other sound waves and noise around the particular environment. It is also affected by noise generated by streams, birds chirping, or rain. When using these receivers to measure the distance horizontally, the predilection of the target is important, since an outgoing  signal will be spread, raising the error, especially if the transducer is not positioned correctly


Optical rangefinders use the coincidence method of measuring distance, which applies a sequence of mirrors to produce photographs. The snapshots are then turned around by way of a double rotating dial until they overlap into one. as soon as that is executedthe distance to the goal is meditated at the dial and it is able to be examined immediatelywe can deliver extra details in this later.


What to look out for when buying a rangefinder

The top rangefinders will work well in a host of conditions and they will be easy to carry around (or to wear around your neck!). Top rated rangefinders will be built with tough components which are designed to stand the test of time and they will also be very simple to use. As brought out in my rangefinder reviews. The learning curve will be really short!

In general, with rangefinders, as with anything else in life, you will get what you pay for. This means that a higher price tag will typically give you access to more features and better quality. In general, when shopping for a more affordable rangefinder or just best range finder all together, such as most of the top-rated styles that we’ll discuss below in my rangefinder reviews and rangefinder comparison, there are five main elements to consider. A high-end model will almost always have most or all of the features that consumers want and need like a rangefinder with angle compensation for instance.


The first element is the price when it comes to the best rangefinders. We’re not going to share prices here, as they vary across retailers. However, all of our styles are within financial reach of most consumers. Buying from a large online retailer will be the best way to get a good deal on any model that we’ve talked about here. Make sure to really study this rangefinder comparison.


The next element is quality. You may gauge quality by considering manufacturer reputation, looking at component materials and considering rangefinder reviews. Quality is super important when researching the best rangefinders.


Another element to consider is size. Some people prefer something really compact, while others prefer a more substantial and sizable unit. It’s really a personal preference!


Lastly, looking at technical features will be important as you move towards a purchase. In general, consumers are most concerned with maximum range or a rangefinder with angle compensation when looking through the top rangefinders and rangefinder reviews.

Maximum range may also be defined as distance range and most popular models sold today offer ranges which span from one to fifteen hundred yards. Those with greater maximum range are usually pricier.

Now that we’ve talked about what to look for, as well as features of good rangefinders, let’s look at seven stellar examples. I’ve laid them out here in my rangefinder comparison and rangefinder reviews.


Top 21 Best Laser Rangefinders 2020

It’s so easy to order great rangefinders online or to find them in your own community. You’re likely to save money by shopping online, as many online retailers have lower overhead and pass the savings onto consumers, so do consider buying via a reputable retailer which operates within the World Wide Web. Amazon is usually at the top of the list when looking for Rangefinder Reviews. Which is why I have tried my best to give you a nice rangefinder comparison.


In my rangefinder reviews, I just had to touch on one of Amazon’s best sellers and top rated rangefinders. An exceptional rangefinder that is very compact, so it’s great for those who want to tote it along in pockets or other small spaces. This laser rangefinder has the dimensions, 3.6 x 2.9 x 1.5, and it comes with a display which is very simple to see and understand.


It is a mid-range model in terms of price, so it offers a lot of great features, without being really expensive. You’ll find that getting accurate distance measurements is easy. Just push a button in order to use this handy device out in the field. Since it has pre-programmed elements which allow it to isolate distance of the farthest target (within a cluster of targets), it is pretty high-tech!

As well, it comes with an array of coatings which boost light transmittance across the entire spectrum of visible light. Another one of the best rangefinders in my rangefinder comparison.

If you want to buy from a manufacturer which is a trusted brand name, you’ll feel good about buying the Nikon 8397 ACULON Laser Rangefinder. I had to have this one as number one in my rangefinder reviews. It has the quality that Nikon is known for and it’s a great accessory for any outdoor excursion.  This unit features magnification of six times and an objective lens of 20 millimeters. It also includes long-eye relief of 16.7 millimeters. The maximum range of this model is 250 to 275 yards. This HAD to be added to my rangefinder comparison. It was a must.

See the current price here!

See the current price here!



We’re offering reviews of models with different price points, in order to give you the choices that you want and deserve. When you choose this design, you’ll be selecting a high-end rangefinder which really does have all of the bells and whistles. It has a sleek and modern appearance, as well as a host of sensible features.


Features of this device include a lens which is multi-coated in order to minimize reflections and provide the clearest, brightest view, along with “o-ring” seals which stop moisture and dirt from impairing performance. If you want a model which is water-proof, you may find that paying more for this design is a good investment.

This rangefinder is crafted in order to promote durability. It’s also small enough to be comfortable to use and easy to carry. It’s covered in rubber armor which makes it easier to hold it without slippage. As well, it has a diopter which is adjustable in order to ensure consistent focus.

This model is highly-rated and performs well in the field. It’s a favorite of hunters, golfers, bird-watchers and outdoor photography enthusiasts. If you want deluxe quality which will ensure long-lasting performance, this may just be the rangefinder that you’ve been looking for. The typical maximum range for this design is over 1000 yards, so it does provide plenty of distance range. Definitely in the top 10 rangefinders online today. Added to the list of top rated rangefinders and rangefinder comparison.

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If you’re looking for an affordable rangefinder from a trusted manufacturer, you’ll benefit from learning about this Simmons-brand model. Simmons does have a strong reputation and its 801405 rangefinder features distance range of five to six hundred yards. Since this product is quite inexpensive, it offers good maximum range for a reasonable price.


In addition to the superb range, it features optical magnification times four, as well as one-touch operation for easy and simple device operation. This design has a vertical style and it also comes with an LCD display which is simple to view and understand. When you check the display, you’ll be able to see the precise distance of your target.

As you can see in this rangefinder comparison, one of the top rangefinders doesn’t have to cost a lot. It is possible to find one for less money and this model is very popular with real-life owners. It gets the job done, although it may lack some features of higher-end models. Since this rangefinder is affordable, it makes a great gift idea for any outdoor enthusiast. One of the Best Rangefinders

This device is cloaked in a housing which is weather-resistant, so it’s definitely a great choice to use during harsh weather conditions. Also, it is lightweight, at 9.8 ounces, so it’ll be very comfortable to use and carry around.  You also get a rangefinder with angle compensation. People are looking for that attribute in their best rangefinder list.

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If you’re a golfer and you want to purchase a rangefinder which is ideal for your golf games, you’ll enjoy learning about the Bushnell Hybrid Laser-GPS Rangefinder. This innovative style is mid-range to high-end in terms of price and it delivers plenty of value, by offering all of the features of a good laser rangefinder, along with GPS features and rangefinder with angle compensation.


As well, when you order this model, which comes from a respected brand name, you’ll receive everything that you need, including a USB charger, a cord, a carry case and a comfortable strap of just the right length. Some of the best rangefinders out don’t come with this stuff so this is a plus.

In terms of technical features, this hybrid design offers rangefinder performance from ten to one thousand yards. It also comes with a GPS system which includes thirty thousand golf courses that are pre-loaded into the interface. You won’t need to pay membership fees in order to access this data, as long as you live in one of the “free membership” countries. Known for having one the best rangefinder cameras.

With this model, you’ll be able to find distance information for the front, the center and the rear of a green. Extra features which are fun and practical include an Auto Hole Advance feature and Auto Course Recognition. If you want a rangefinder and GPS system in one, which is made with golfers in mind, you’ll adore this highly-rated Bushnell design. One of the top-rated rangefinders hands down and part of my rangefinder comparison.

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Bushnell is a wonderful company which creates a host of popular and effective rangefinders. Had to add to the best rangefinders-list. This is why we’re adding another Bushnell design to our list of seven hot picks! In fact, we’ve added four Bushnell designs in all, because this manufacturer really delivers in terms of offering quality construction, great performance and all of the right features. Bushnell had to be apart of the rangefinder comparison.


The Scout DX 1000 is an excellent rangefinder in the top-rated rangefinders which features a VSI Rifle Mode, so it’s definitely a smart choice for motivated hunters who want to get better results during hunting trips. This product had to be added to my rangefinder comparison.  This feature will give you the power to set holdover/bullet-drop data for your gun’s “zero”, in order to ensure greater accuracy. This feature is available at the touch of a button. A great rangefinder with angle compensation and also part of my rangefinder comparison.

This unit is very compact, so it will fit into your pocket while you’re out of doors. It comes with Angle Compensation, which is specially designed in order to benefit those who hunt with bows or guns. As well, if offers magnification of 6X and a distance range of five to one thousand yards!

When you choose this model, which has a mid-range price tag, you’ll also be able to enjoy plenty of precision, as this model offers up to ½ yard accuracy. This unit is ultra-rugged, with rubber armor on the outside. It’s a waterproof design which has great features for a fair and reasonable price. Had to add to my rangefinder reviews and top-rated rangefinders.

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Now, we’re going to showcase a deluxe Bushnell rangefinder which is an exemplary choice for even the most discerning customers. This style costs more, but it’s truly feature-packed and it also looks fantastic, thanks to its fresh, black-and-white design, which has attractive touches of bright red. Had to add this to my rangefinder comparison and top-rated rangefinders.


In terms of features, this unit has everything that most people want and then some! Really one of the best. It’s ideal for golfers, as it comes with a pin seeker which is equipped with jolt technology. This means that you will know when you’ve hit the flag during games. Up there for the best rangefinder and part of my rangefinder reviews.

This design has a distance range from five yards to one mile. Its slope technology offers compensated distance information based on the level of incline for a golf course hole. It also magnifies times seven and features a wonderful display which is simple to read and understand. Also has one of the best rangefinders for hunting. This design is completely waterproof.

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The last stellar rangefinder on our list, and we’re not listing these in order of quality or popularity, is the Bushnell G-Force DX Arc. This design is perfect for hunters and it comes with the mid-range price tag.

When you choose the G-Force, you’ll access a vertical range of five yards to thirteen hundred yards, as well as an angle compensation arc which boosts the odds of successful shots. This unit magnifies to six times and offers a bright and clear view, thanks to its high-tech Vivid Display Technology. Another great rangefinder with angle compensation on our rangefinder comparison. As well, this design has a bow mode and a rifle mode, so it’s quite a versatile model.

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8. Carl Zeiss Optical Inc Victory PRF Monocular

The Carl Zeiss series is quite the catch. The manufacturers made sure that you get a long-range gadget with great quality. Most users say nice things about this rangefinder. This gadget is light and compact. Just what a hunter or golfer wants to hear as they already will be carrying a load while they go about hunting or in the midst of their sporting activities. You can range at a distance of slightly just over 1000 yards at high optic levels. The Carl Zeiss Inc Victory PRF rangefinder has laser capability to make it more sharp and precise.

It also has ballistic technology which rules out the option of you having to make guesses on your shots. With this amazing feature, you can just aim and shoot with confidence. It has a high-quality achromatic objective lens that gives great image quality. The coating is also made to ensure no stray lights get in and interfere with the image quality you get. This rangefinder also comes with up to 8 power magnification feature to enable you to zoom in on your target. This is one of the best bowhunting rangefinders.


  • Comes with lifetime warranty
  • 1300 yard long range feature
  • Gives great quality image views


  • Needs experienced handler
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9. Simmons LRF 600

This is one of the easiest rangefinders to operate. The Simmons LRF600 rangefinder is effective over close ranges. The gadget allows for 10-600 yard ranges. Even in these limited ranges, this rangefinder is made with high-quality features that make the experience all the more worth it. The material is used is strong but lightweight. You can enjoy carrying the rangefinder around without feeling like it is such a burdensome load.

It also has 4X magnification power for efficient targeting of your subject. This rangefinder is also laser enabled which makes it almost effortless to target accurately and aim for your subject.  The rangefinder is fitted with digital technology that calculates distances in a jiffy.

The infrared from the laser feature is also safe for your eyes so you do not have to worry about damage. The other unique thing about this rangefinder is that you can use meters or yards to calculate the distance hence you can do what works best for you. This is a great rangefinder for people who want to aim at close range. Compare to other rangefinders this Simmons LRF 600 is great value for money.


  • Very accurate image quality
  • Gives fast updates on built-in LCD
  • Made of high-quality material
  • The unit is not heavy


  • Cannot range past 600 yards
  • Does not have angle compensation
See the current price here!


10. Nikon Monarch Gold Laser 1200 Rangefinder

This high-end rangefinder gives top-notch results. The luxury gadget is best suited for more experienced hunters or archers who want to aim over long distances. The Nikon Monarch Gold laser rangefinder aims and ranges up to 1200 yards comfortably. This product is also waterproof and can be used with a tripod stand. Another great feature is that the rangefinder is fog proof meaning you do not have to worry because the gadget works perfectly.

This rangefinder is easy to use and easy to carry around. The glass used is high quality hence making your views ultra high definition. The laser capability definitely makes your aims precise and sharp as well. It also has an LCD functionality fitted inside the rangefinder. Most people who have used it rate it well with good reviews. The only downside is that it does not perform at optimum levels in low light settings.


  • Very accurate
  • Very easy to use and carry around
  • Has tripod compatibility
  • Is waterproof and fog proof


  • Does not work well in low light
  • Gives a small view
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11. Nikon Arrow ID 5000 Bowhunting Laser Rangefinder

The Nikon Arrow ID 5000 Bowhunting Laser rangefinder has a lot of unique features but key among them is the angle compensation feature which helps you make precise accurate angles when aiming. This makes your work easier and reduces chances of you confusing your target. The laser feature couple with this angle compensation feature is a match made in heaven. You have the angle right and a sharp view of your subject, what could be better than that for a rangefinder?

The Nikon Arrow also has a true target technology that lets you choose whether you want to aim at priority mode or distance mode. Once you press the button, the distance will be calibrated in a jiffy. The rangefinder is also waterproof and fog-proof making it safer and much more convenient to operate. The best thing about this rangefinder is that it works very well in low light situations, which is something that is important to put into consideration when choosing your rangefinder of choice. You do not want to be limited by light when you want to go about your arching sport.

This rangefinder offers 3D views in ultra-high definition. Reading the LCD screen will get a bit of getting used to but for its price point, the Nikon Arrow ID is quite an impressive rangefinder. The maximum range of this product is 600 yards. This rangefinder could easily win the award for best bow hunting rangefinder.


  • Gives 3D views
  • Works well in low light
  • Has an angle compensation feature
  • The unit is made of durable material


  • The LCD screen inside is small
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12. Simmons 801405 Rangefinder, 4x20LRF 600

The Simmons 801405 rangefinder gives accurate views. They have in view LCD which enables you to see distances. They get calibrated pretty fast too. With this gadget, you get ranges in views that are a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 600yards. This is a product that would work best for people who do not hunt at long range because of the limited range offered. Still, it is quite effective over that distance.  It also has 4 x power magnifications to enable you to zoom in on your target.

The gadget is built to allow enough light to permeate through in order to brighten the views and make them clearer. This is the best close distance rangefinders you will find. The product is lightweight making it easy to carry around without feeling overloaded. Most reviews on this product implied that the product is very effective. If you are looking for an easy to use rangefinder that shoots at close range then this is one you should consider getting.


  • Compact and easy to carry
  • Has 4x magnification power
  • Fast calibration


  • Does not range past 600 yards
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13. Bushnell the Truth Long Range Rangefinder

The Bushnell brand of rangefinders has quite the variety but The Truth is one of their latest designs. This is one of the best bowhunting rangefinders. It is an updated model of their last release.  First things first this gadget ranges to a maximum of 850 yards. Most hunting rangefinder reviews rate it highly because of its unique features. This product also has the angle compensation feature which is a direct win.

This rangefinder will correct inaccurate angle calculations and set you right for your shots. Another great feature is the PermaFocus which is an automated focus function that comes pre-installed from the factory. You never have to worry about manually doing it yourself. The truth rangefinder comes with 4x magnification power which is easy to zoom in and out of your subject.


  • Has PermaFocus features
  • Has angle compensation feature
  • Easy to operate


  • Does not range further than 850 yards
See the current price here!


14. Nikon 8376 Archer’s Choice Max Rangefinder

The Nikon Archer’s Choice rangefinder is custom made for archery. One of its prominent features is its ability to automatically adjust to light settings. For this reason, the rangefinder works extremely well in all kinds of light conditions. The manufacturers collaborated with seasoned archers to design this piece. With this rangefinder, Nikon took the time to consider the needs and opinions of archers hence this is one of the best bowhunting rangefinders in the market.

The Nikon 8376 also has a brightness control viewfinder that comes in handy in low light situations. The gadget also has an inbuilt angle compensation feature allowing one to get precise readings and targeted shots. The LCD screen automatically adjusts to a grey screen in bright lighting and orange in dark lighting. You can, therefore, be guaranteed that this device will withstand the test of tough lighting conditions. The gadget ranges from a distance of 200-500 yards.


  • Superior performance in tough lighting
  • Automatic adjustable LCD screen for dark and bright conditions
  • Custom made for archery


  • Ranges only between 200 – 500 yards
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15. Vortex Optics Ranger

The Vortex Optics ranger is quite easy to use. There are only two buttons; one to assist with the measurement, and another to change modes according to the lighting and distance. This gadget ranges from 11-1000 yards but for moving objects, a clear reading will only be achieved at a maximum distance of 500 yards. Even so, the rangefinder is one of the high-performance archery rangefinders in the market.

Another great thing about this rangefinder is that it is compatible with a tripod stand. At the bottom of the gadget, you will find tripod adapter socket where you can connect a tripod stand if need be. This device performs well in both low light and bright light situations. The vortex optics rangefinder has superior optic quality and 6x magnification power. You get clear crisp quality images when ranging with the Vortex Optics Ranger.

This unit is also waterproof, so you do not have to worry about rain or water messing up the rangefinder for you. The outside coat is made of rubber material which makes it less fragile and easier to grip.


  • Great visibility
  • Compatible with a tripod stand
  • Durable


  • Can be slow in reading measurements
See the current price here!



This is a great rangefinder for hunting. Are you wondering why? Well, it has a vertical range of 7 – 850 yards, which is a huge distance for most hunting needs. This allows you to only need one hunting rangefinder, rather than having to have a separate one for long and short distance. It also possesses the ability to measure angles from -90 to 90 degrees, which allows you to perfectly line up your shot.

This is possibly the best bowhunting rangefinder because the Bushnell Arc Bow Mode allows you see the line of sight, along with the angle and horizontal distance from 7 – 199 yards. This means you can perfectly figure out the amount of power you need to put on your bow, before taking each shot – making you seem like a professional!

While this may not be a professional’s choice of the rangefinder, it is a great bargain product. For a beginner hunter, this product is truly wonderful, especially considering it can calculate the distance between you and the target, which many others in this price range cannot. Part of my rangefinder hunting reviews.


  • Bargain: This product truly is a great product for the price, bearing in mind it has a lot of premium features you wouldn’t find in any other product at this price.
  • Distance Calculator: This rangefinder will calculate the horizontal distance between you and the target, which is perfect when using a bow.
  • ARC Mode: This mode is specifically designed for use with bows, and this provides a much more in-depth display with more information, designed to make your life a lot easier when hunting.


  • Cheap: While this product is a bargain for what you get, do not expect wonders. It isn’t bulletproof as they say, or rainproof…
  • Not Rain Proof: They may say it is rainproof, however many customers have reported error messages appearing after use in adverse weather, so please bear this in mind.
See the current price here!



Another great product by Bushnell, this hunting rangefinder also includes their signature ARC mode, specifically designed for bow hunting. This rangefinder is in the running if you’re looking for the best bowhunting rangefinder.

The Bushnell 202442 also includes a carrying case, battery and neck strap. This Bushnell rangefinder is actually waterproof as well! The lens is extremely bright, making hunting in low light extremely easy, especially when combined with the clear shot technology, you really have an unbeatable combination.

The Bushnell 202442 is also extremely well priced, making it a bargain considering the quality product that you will receive, it is honestly not hard to see why it is so loved in the hunting industry. Which is why it was crucial it be a part of my rangefinder hunting reviews.


  • Rain Proof: You can hunt in the rain with the Bushnell 202442, unlike some other Bushnell products.
  • Includes Accessories: Neck strap and carrying case are both included with the rangefinder.
  • Bright Lens: This makes hunting in the dark quite easy, however, you may find some problems with actually viewing the text displayed, such as the range.


  • Not Back-lit: This links in with the problem mentioned above of not being able to read some text in low light, therefore this product is great for hunting during the daytime, and is acceptable for night time hunting.
  • Range: Over 200 Meters is a struggle for smaller objects, such as a deer. Therefore, do not believe the range that is stated on the packaging, you do have to be within 200 meters for the rangefinder to be accurate for most purposes.
See the current price here!



If you are not into bow hunting, then this is without a doubt the best rangefinder for hunting. It features a laser rangefinder, which precisely calculates the distance between you and your target, to a degree of accuracy of 1 yard. This means that if the rangefinder reports 567 yards, it is between 566 and 568 yards, making it extremely accurate compared to other similarly priced rangefinders. One of the best bowhunting rangefinder.

Unlike some other rangefinders, which simply calculate the range and then stop, this rangefinder from Wildgame Innovations actually calculates the range in real time, meaning if the target is moving, you can constantly know the range of the target. This makes it a must-buy product for all avid hunters. Again on the list for best hunting rangefinder you can find on the market right now and rangefinder hunting reviews.

As keen hunters know, you often get caught up in bad weather – and this means your equipment must be able to cope with the harsh elements. Luckily for you, the Halo X-Ray Z6X 600 Laser Range Finder is fully water resistant, meaning it can keep up with you and the weather.


  • Real-Time Calculations
  • Water Resistant
  • Accurate


  • Doesn’t include batteries.
  • A minimum distance of 7m.
  • Not good in low light.
See the current price here!



This is one of Bushnell’s more premium products, aimed towards professional hunters. Bushnell really makes the best bowhunting rangefinder. Therefore, it features unbeatable accuracy of ½ a yard! This also features the specialized ARC mode aimed for bowhunting, which can also calculate incline and decline, and the angle you should fire at – this makes hunting a breeze, and allows you to show off to your hunting friends! High on the list for the best rangefinder for bow hunting.

With 6x magnification and a range of 5-1000 yards – you have no excuse for missing a shot ever again! This rangefinder truly can revolutionize the way you hunt, for the better. No more guessing what angle to aim at, or how far away your target is, simply pull out the Bushnell Scout, it’ll give you all the information you’ll ever need!

The hunting rangefinder reviews simply don’t lie, this product is one of the most loved in the industry, for its sheer innovative experience!. One of the best bowhunting rangefinders.


  • ARC Mode: Specifically designed for bow hunting, this mode will give you much more information, allowing you to take the perfect shot.
  • Rugged: Designed for adverse weather, this allows you to hunt whenever you want! You are no longer restricted by the weather with the Bushnell Scout DX 1000. Whether it be rain, snow, mud, or a mountain – the Scout’s got you covered.
  • Rifle Mode Feature: Specifically designed for rifles, it can provide deadly accurate information within a split second.


  • The laser rangefinder can become slightly confused in fog.
  • Much more accurate up to 400 yards, beyond 400 yards it’s much less accurate.
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This product is the best hunting rangefinder for beginners, this is because of the extremely affordable price, compared to the absolute great performance. While it may not be able to compete with the premium rangefinders such as the Bushnell Scout hunting rangefinder. Still a one of the best rangefinder for bow hunting.

This product is primarily designed for golfers so it’s not the best bowhunting rangefinder, however, it does serve an excellent purpose in the hunting field, it can effortlessly calculate the distance of obstacles, and targets while hunting. Being one of the best bowhunting rangefinders. This range of this rangefinder is between 4 – 656 yards, which may be slightly less than some of the other rangefinders reviewed in this article, however for the price – it is great.


  • Great performance for the price
  • Cheap
  • Great for Beginners


  • Lower Range than Competition
  • Not Designed for Adverse Weather
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Yet another wonderful product by Bushnell, this laser rangefinder possesses a huge range. It is effective up to 1,300 yards! Making it an absolute must-buy for serious hunters, or any hunter who tends to hunt from a large distance. One of the best bowhunting rangefinders out.

It also features a selective targeting system, where you can choose between Bulls Eye, Brush and SCAN modes. With a fully waterproof, rubberized, metal construction – you can be sure that the Bushnell G-Force is designed to keep up with you, and will always stay one step ahead of the weather.

It features their second version of the popular extreme speed precision technology, which calculates the range much quicker than any other rangefinder, with much better accuracy.


  • Rugged Design: Rubber coated metal construction, fully waterproof.
  • Various Modes: Bulls Eye, Brush, SCAN.
  • ESP Technology


  • Expensive
  • Can be hard to read display in extreme/low light situations.
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Order Your Favorite Rangefinder Today

Reading this rangefinder comparison you’ve learned about seven amazing styles and what we consider the best rangefinders, why not treat yourself to a new rangefinder today? Order online in order to save money and then use your new design in order to access accurate data about your targets. You can always reference back to my best rangefinder article whenever needed. You can check out more Rangefinder reviews throughout the site.


When looking for the best hunting rangefinder, you should consider one that is best suited to your needs and budget. Make sure to look up hunting rangefinder reviews on the products before buying them to avoid disappointment or high expectations getting crushed. Also be careful not to place yourself at health risks as some of the rays emitted are hazardous to the naked eye. Ask if the rays that are emitted are hazardous or not before buying the best rangefinder for bow hunting so that you can take precautions if they are. Other minor things you may want to consider are battery size and voltage to make sure the gadget does not die on you while you are out in the middle of hunting. All the units above perform above average and come in highly recommended by other users of the products.

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